Monday, January 28, 2019

Pilgrim's Pit Stop: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Exactly ten years ago, I wrote an essay about love for the February issue of the Magis Deo Newsletter.  Back then, we were able to churn out monthly issues. Ten years after, a lot of things have changed but the love remains.

I have an archive of the articles and essays I have written in a private
online journal so I recalled what I wrote about love in that issue.
This is the advantage of keeping soft copies of works and written articles
in this age of digital media. Going back to memory lane is easier and
more accessible.

Reading the article, one paragraph struck me because, to this day, I still believe
in the words I professed. I wrote, “when we realise its (love’s) presence
in our lives, we are moved to do greater things beyond our known capacity.
In our all too human eyes, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
A painful experience transforms into something beautiful. The old is seen as
fresh and new, even ageless. With love, time and space do not matter at all.
In love, we’re diminished but we surface more enriched and fulfilled.
When we love we become fearless. We endure. We persevere… We grow.”

I think about how these lofty beliefs and ideals on love are made real in my life
in the decade that passed. I was only thirty four when I gave up a work and
a position I enjoyed doing over truth, fairness and humility. Ten years ago,
I witnessed how estranged family members helped us survive Ondoy
in its aftermath. I was gifted with the kindness from friends when I least
expected it. I received the generosity of communities I belong to
so I can revive my hope and faith in humanity. There are days when I pray
for a humbled heart to continue acknowledging this grace
because, I feel I do not deserve it all.

As a wife and mother, my heart has been broken several times over. Yet, I go on
loving and living because I am surprised that I am capable of devotion
and faithfulness. For this, I thank my husband and my children.

At the ripe old age of forty four, these I know. True love allows us to accept loss.
Things will never be the same again in parting and in leave taking, but it is alright.
And, when it is time to set free the people I hold dear, it is a way of
loving myself as well.  

May you find love and may love continuously find you! Happy Valentine’s day!

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