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The 2016 National Children's Book Book Fair at Xavier School & the PBBY Kids Lit Talks

The 2016 National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair was a lot of fun! Bumasa at Lumaya vol. 2 was launched. Editors, Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, Ani Almario and Ramon Sunico had short but substantial talks. The book fair program boasted of storytelling activities, Yoga for kids and adults, product presentations, author talks and book signings, exhibits of works and selling of art by Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan.

The PBBY Children's Literature Talks were well attended. There was a mood of fun, festivities and so much hope for the industry.

In our librarians' workshop, Darrel Marco and I facilitated points of discussion on how school librarians can "awaken the force" - their own and their readers too. In a nutshell, Darrel introduced the core competencies necessary to plan and implenent innovative reading and literacy activities for digital learners. These core competencies are: assimilation, collaboration and awakening. He also did a profiling of the digital learner. He even showed a homegrown video that he made using Puppet Pals, an app for digital storytelling. He used this video to teach access to information using the Table of Contents among grade school students.

Afterwards, I stretched the points he raised in the input session and moved on to the workshop. The participants read books, wrote reviews and posted short annotations of their reviews on social media.

Watch out for more professional development activities! Do join us! Let us learn together!

Bumasa at Lumaya!

The 2016 NCBA Winners and Developmental Reading Stages

What's amazing about the 2016 NCBA Winners this year is that, the six titles can be categorized and classified according to reading stages per study and paradigm of Jean Chall (1983).

For emergent literacy, age 0-6:Dumaan si Butiki by Gigi Concepcion, illustrated by Ray Sunga (Adarna House, 2015)Haluhalo by Eli Camacho (Adarna House, 2015) 
For beginning readers, age 7-9:Mang Andoy's Signs by Mailin Paterno Locsin, illustrated by Isabel Roxas (Tahanan, 2015)Salusalo Para Kay Kuya by Ergoe Tinio, illustrated by JC Galang (Adarna House, 2015)

For middle grades, age 9-12:Supremo by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Al Estrella (Adarna House, 2015)

For Young Adult readers, age 13-18:Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon by Edgar Calabia Samar (Adarna House, 2014)

Librarians can, of course, catalog these books by subject and topics. But, as a school librarian, I take a look at the reader and his/her ability to read. What is a subject or a topic, if the reader can't read?
Congratulations to the winners! 
It is my hope that these books will find a home in the shelves of families, schools, even colleges and universities offering LIS, EDUC and Arts and Letters, public and community libraries servicing children and young adults, NGOs and foundations pursuing child development and literacy, government agencies and pediatric clinics.

Let the children read!

This list was posted on my FB Timeline a few days after the National Children's Book Day celebration held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. My intent is to help school librarians meet their readers where they are at, in experience, in context and in their ability to read. This list is helpful in collection development, in the rendering of reader's services and in planning reading guidance programs for young readers.

Teachers of reading will approach the classification of books differently. They look at the text and how comprehensible it is for young readers. They teach readers how to read with confidence and skill. Librarians support teachers by enriching the reading experience and lending necessary assistance for readers to develop a genuine love for reading.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The 33rd National Children's Book Day (NCBD)

The PBBY spearheaded the celebration of the National Children's Book Day last Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at the CCP. Mr. Genaro Gojo Cruz and Mr. Mark Lawrence Andres were both present to receive their awards. The winners of the 4th National Children's Book Awards were also revealed. Teaming up with the National Book Development Board, once again, the special day for Children's Literature was made more meaningful with the presence of children, kid judges, who announced the winner of the Kids' Choice Award.

The PBBY with CCP and NBDB and its respective leaders, Mr. Chris Millado and Ms. Neni Sta. Roman Cruz.

I posted the NCBA Best Reads of 2016 in the blog as well as the Top 9 Finalists in the Kids' Choice Award and this year's winner.

It was a happy day.

Despite everything that's going on in the country and the world, the celebration of the 33rd NCBD was steeped in hope, joy and the promise of a thriving industry. Tomorrow, July 23, 2016, the NCBD Book Fair commences at Xavier School San Juan. Bring a book bag for your purchases. Attend one or two talks in the PBBY Children's Literature Talks. Meet a friend. Greet your favorite authors, illustrators and industry leaders. Have your fill of books! Have fun!

Red was the color of the day and I was clueless as to the colors of the dinning sheets.
Fran Ong is fabulous! Tarie Sabido is gorgeous! And me, I'm the funny girl.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The 4th National Children's Book Awards Best Reads of 2014 and 2015

4th National Children’s Book Awards
Best Reads of 2014 and 2015

Dumaan si Butiki
Written by Mary Gigi Constantino
Illustrated by Ray Sunga
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

Sino ang mag-aakala na eksayting ang paglalakbay ng isang butiki? Sobrang nakakaaliw ang pagsulpot-sulpot kung saan-saang bahagi ng bahay ng butiki sa kuwento. Ang simpleng texto ay nagamit pa upang ituro ang konsepto ng kabaliktaran, sa paraang kaaya-aya. Kung kaya, hindi ka magsasawa sa pagsubaybay sa lahat ng dinaanan ni Butiki.   

-Prepared by Ms. Kristine Canon

Illustrated by Eli F. Camacho
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

Ang aklat na ito, ay kumpleto sa sangkap, puwera lang sa salita. Marami itong iba't ibang kulay, siksik sa tamis at umaapaw sa aliw.  Kung sa bagay, ano pa ba ang kailangan sabihin kung kitang-kita naman at madali maintindihan ng bata man o matanda ang paggawa at pagkain ng haluhalo? Haaay! ang sarap ulit-ulitin ang pagbabasa sa nalikhang aklat ni Eli F. Camacho na Haluhalo.

-Prepared by Ms. Kristine Canon

Mang Andoy's Signs
Written by Mailin Paterno
Illustrated by Isabel Roxas
Published by Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing, Inc.

We see it everywhere. A crowd of funny, wise, vulgar, ridiculous words and phrases rendered in bold strokes and colorful letters. But as the sight becomes too familiar, the messages they convey are soon ignored.  Thus, it is refreshing to read  Mailin Paterno's simple story about a billboard maker who turned harsh warnings into gentle reminders. Isabel Roxas complemented it with her signature whimsical illustrations using bright splashes of color and chaotic spreads that actually make sense.  Together, they created Mang Andoy's Signs, a delightful book for both children and adults. This book truly deserves a sign of its own saying: "Simply marvelous!"

  -Prepared by Ms. Cecilia Picache

Salusalo para kay Kuya
Written by Ergoe Tinio
Illustrated by JC Galag
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

Masarap maging bahagi ng pamilyang Pilipino. Malaki, maingay pero masaya. Para bang ibinalik ako sa pagkabata ng “Salusalo para kay Kuya.” Naalala ko noong bata pa ako, kapag kaarawan ko na ay sabik na sabik akong gumising nang maaga para buksan ang aking mga regalo. Ramdam mo rin ang pagmamahal ng isang kapamilya sa kaanak sa kuwento. Sa bawat pahina ng kuwento, nangungusap ang mga mapinpintog na pisngi ng mga tauhan, abala sa isang salusalo, pero masaya pa rin ang lahat. Ipinapa-alaala na dapat tayong maging katulad ni Bubuy Boy, na umiiyak ng bahaghari, na kahit na parang may iniwan na malaking butas ang ating kaanak kapag sila ay pumanaw na, kailangan tayong maging malakas at puno ng pag-asa at sariwain ang mga inspirasyong iniwan nila.

Salamat Ergoe Tinio, JC Galag, at Adarna House sa mahusay na kuwento!

-Prepared by Mr. Troy Lacsamana

Written by Xi Zuq
Illustrated by Al Estrella
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

Supremo is an engaging read.  This heartwarming story takes you back to the good old days when you felt lucky to have a best friend and you felt tingled upon seeing your crush. Its flowing language, realistic plot, and catchy illustrations come together to give you one unforgettable ride. It makes you laugh out loud; it makes you stop and think; it even manages to make you shed tears. And, just when you start thinking you’ve had it all, it reminds you of your social responsibilitywithout pushing it down your throat forcibly. Kids will love this, and adults will enjoy it, too. Supreme, indeed!

-Prepared by Prof. Portia Padilla

Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon
Written by Edgar Calabia Samar
Published by Adarna House, Inc.
"Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon is a captivating tale of a young boy’s courage amidst the enveloping darkness in his life. Edgar Calabria Samar pulls us into a world of mysterious events and frightening characters from Philippine folklore. He expertly weaves in elements from role-playing video games, a concept that connects with young readers (and to gamers of all ages). This book takes us on a rollercoaster ride full of adventure, suspense, and danger. 
Finally, a hero like Janus Silang claims his space in our imagination. He rises above the challenges and gives hope―a bright star leading us out of the darkness."

-Prepared by Mr. Dan Matutina

The 4th National Children's Books Awards: Top 9 Finalists and the 2016 Kids' Choice Award Winner

4th National Children’s Book Awards
Kid’s Choice Awards

Marvino’s League of Superheroes
Written by Rae Rival-Cosico
Illustrated by Jamie Bauza
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

This is a nice story about Marvino going to a museum, but he doesn’t have the money for it. But then he befriends the one who owns the museum, but he doesn’t know it. What I like about this is that, if you see a good sculpting, you can draw it, just like how Marvino did. 

  • Prepared by Horacio Rafael de Peralta

Made Perfect in Weakness
Written by Didith Rodrigo
Illustrated by Patricia Lascano
Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

This book tells kids that their own weaknesses can make them even better. It teaches kids that weakness doesn’t make you a failure. 

  • Prepared by Horacio Rafael de Peralta

Big Sister
Written by Zarah Gagatiga
Illustrated by Ruben de Jesus
Published by Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

This book teaches kids that an older sibling may be annoying, but some point in time, they will need an older sibling. As said in the book, “My friends can keep me company, I know, but my big sister is special.” And, “She may annoy me sometimes, but she can be loyal and loving.” 

  • Prepared by Rafael Varela 

Si Andoy, Batang Tondo
Written by Mark Anthony Angeles
Illustrated by Ray Nazarene Sunga
Published by Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

This book teaches kids to help others without being told to do so. 

  • Prepared by Rafael Varela

Happy Home 1: Coming Home
Written by Grace Chong
Illustrated by Leo Kempis Ang
Published by OMF Literature--Hiyas

Coming Home was chosen as a book in the Top 9 because of its touching story about an orphan boy coming to terms with living with his new family. The story is seen from the younger children's perspective and it definitely shows just how lucky millions of kids are. The moral and the plot come together in a way that is both educational and lovable. 

  • Prepared by Alon Luna Fabros 

Uncle Sam
Written by Segundo Matias, Jr.
Illustrated by Jason Moss
Published by Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

Uncle Sam was chosen as a book in the Top 9 because of its insight on the LGBT community through a child's eyes whilst still keeping with a colorful theme and a plot that is sure to make multiple readers love the book. As well as that, the book brings along a story that makes young people who feel as if they are different, feel more at home. Plus, it's in both English and Tagalog. 

  • Prepared by Alon Luna Fabros

I Will Always Love You More
Written by Peachy Concepcion
Illustrated by Joel Chua
Published by Anvil Publishing, Inc.

This book was chosen to be in the top 9 because, it assures kids that whatever they do, their parents will always love and support them. The book shows that even though the mom misses her daughter's hugs and kisses, she accepted that her daughter was already growing and her ways are changing. She supported her daughter's decisions and she will always be there for her no matter what. 

  • Prepared by Pheonna Heart Ragasa

Nawawala si Muningning
Written by Michael M. Coroza
Illustrated by Tokwa Peñaflorida
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

This book was chosen to be in the top 9 because it was very accurate in showing how cat owners feel when their cats are missing and how they imagined what happened to their cats while they were missing. It was also very relatable, like how cat owners can relate to how the boy felt when his cat was missing and how it frightened him so much. 

  • Pheonna Heart Ragasa

Salusalo para kay Kuya
Written by Ergoe Tinio
Illustrated by JC Galag
Published by Adarna House, Inc.

It taught me that no matter what happens, we should continue our life by keeping and treasuring the good and happy memories of our loved ones, because everything happens for a reason.

We also need to be strong to make our dreams come true by making our loved ones the reason why we remain strong. It’s good for children because of its illustration that can get the children’s interest, and simple words make the story great. 

  • Prepared by Apriel Beltran

Made Perfect in Weakness
Written by Didith Rodrigo
Illustrated by Patricia Lascano
Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

Ang nagustuhan ko sa Made in Perfect Weakness ay yung story niya kasi kahit she’s blind at tinutukso, hindi siya sumuko at siya ay nakapagtapos 
  • Prepared by  Althea Hazel Fresno 

Kahit po na bulag siya, hindi siya tumigil sa pag-aaral. At parehas kami ng favorite subject 
  • Prepared by Sean Kirby Cruz

Hindi hadlang ang kapansanan sa pag-aaral 
  • Prepared by Ricmel Padon

Kasi po nag-work hard siya para makuha yung goal niya
  • Prepared by Yasuyuki Avendaño

Dahil hindi hadlang ang kapansanan sa pag-aaral. At may aral din tayong makukukha sa kwento na kailangan, kahit hindi tayo perpekto, kailangan nating magsikap. 
  • Prepared by  Alizza Tolentino

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2016 NCBD: Bumasa at Lumaya 2 Blog Tour Round Up

Here's a round up of posts from bloggers who joined in the Bumasa and Lumaya 2 Blog Tour.

Award winning writer, Xi Zuq, featured Eugene Evasco's essay on the State of Philippine Children's Literature (2012-2013).  
Author and Young Adult reader, Mina Esguerra interviewed Ms. Carla Pacis and Mr. Rayvi Sunico on their piece, Filling the Gap: Young Adult Literature in the Philippines. From her interview with Sunico and Pacis, it looks like the conversation on everything Young Adult Literature in the Philippines today will continue between them.  
I did an interview for Josephine Litonjua and you can read my confessions over at her blog, Cinderella Stories.

That's three bloggers and there are seven more to go!

For now, let me remind you that the launching of Bumasa and Lumaya volume 2 (Anvil, 2016) will take place during the National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair in Xavier School San Juan on Saturday, July 23, 2016. The launch is at 9AM. Expect the authors and contributors to be present, as well as the editors and publisher of the book. At 10.30AM, the PBBY Children's Litearture Talks begin while the NCBD Book Fair runs all day from 8AM till 5PM.

Bring a book bag for your book purchases! Come with full batteries in your phones and bring a charger. Dare to ask for selfies from your favorite authors. Request for signatures. Have fun at the fair!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bumasa at Lumaya Blog Tour: July 17 - 23, 2016

Bumasa at Lumaya Vol. 2 A Source Book on Children's Literature in the Philippines (Anvil Publishing, 2016) will be launched during the National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair! I am proud to have a contribution to this collection wherein I wrote about the setting up and organization of school libraries and reading centers. The NCBD Book Fair is on July 23, 2016, Saturday at Xavier School San Juan. The book fair gates will open at 7.30AM, registration is at 8AM and at 9AM, the book launch begins!

In line with the launch, I am hosting a blog tour of the book here in School Librarian in Action. Below are the bloggers and their scheduled postings.

1. Zarah C. Gagatiga of School Librarian In Action will do a book review and chapter feature on July 20.
2. Tarie Sabido of Asia in the Heart World on the Mind will do a book review.
3. MJ Tumamac of Xi Zuq's Nook has written an introduction of the blog tour. He will post a chapter feature on his blog on July 18.
4. Blooey Singson of Bookmarked will post a review on July 18.
5. Cris Tanjutco Ngo of Teacher's Pet will post a chapter feature on July 18.
6. Mina Esguerra of Publishing in Pajamas will post a contributor and editor interview (Carla Pacis and Rayvi Sunico) on July 18.
7. Cassandra Javier of She Flies With Faeries will post a contributor interview on July 22.
8. Josephine Litonjua of Cinderella Stories will post a contributor interview (Zarah C. Gagatiga) on July 22.
9. Jord Irving Gadingan of Tsa-Tsub! will post a review.
10. Collaborative Bloggers and Readers of Bookbed will post an interview.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Alvin Toffler, Thomas Friedman and Filipino Librarians

On July 7, 2016, I gave a lecture on Reading as Essential Survival Skill to a group of librarians. This was during the Academic Book Sellers Association of the Philippines Book Fair at SM Megamall. The lecture-forum was sponsored by the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. My lecture was all about reading, of course, learning how to read and reading to learn.

At the start of my lecture, I gave a book talk on two books that influences my paradigm in the practice of the profession. These two books are, Power Shift by Alvin Toffler (Bantam Books, 1990) and The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman.

In a nutshell, Toffler points out that people who have the knowledge and know how to use, manage and create technology have the power to influence and qualitatively make a change. This change in the use of power through knowledge and technology leads to a shift in the way we think, the way we work and the way we learn. The extent of the changes is massive and drastic. One of the changes that Toffler identified in the book is when the mind replaces the muscles. The proletariat is minimized and the cognitariat ascends. Thus, the rise of the knowledge economy.

In this context, technology is not only a tool, but also, an environment that can be designed and created, as well as a process of thinking. Those who possess the knowledge to understand, create and communicate this process of thinking are, the more powerful peoples of the 21st century. Thomas Friedman seemed to have recognized this technological power shift, although there is no mention of it in his book, The World is Flat (Picador, 2005). He identified ten "flatteners" that, thanks to technology, shifted the power from muscle to mind. These are:

1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989
2. The Rise of the Internet
3. Work Flow Structures
4. Open Sourcing
5. Outsourcing
6. Off Shoring
7. Supply Chaining
8. In-sourcing
9. In-forming
10. Information steroids: the availability of information and its access at our fingertips

In this landscape, where do Filipino librarians find themselves in? If Toffler and Friedman thought about these concepts of globalization and discussed the changes that affect the micro level what happened then to Philippine Librarianship from 1990 to 2015? That is a lot of years to cover. Two decades and more.

So I left a blank slide with only the title heading. I asked my audience what they think. They came up with three highlights, namely: the professionalization of the LIS profession in the Philippines; the adaptation of computers and ICT in our library services and operations; and the shift to a user-friendly paradigm.

These are all rhetorical, of course. A product of minds thinking together. Perhaps this discussion can lead to possible research that will contribute to the growth of Philippine Librarianship. If not a research paper, maybe a book. A Modern History of Philippine Librarianship, 1990 to 2015. 

Who knows? Who dares use knowledge and technology responsibly and well has the power!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Author of the Month: Christine Bellen

Si Bb. Christine Bellen, guro at manunulat, ay naglunsad ng isang koleskyon ng mga dula na may pamagat na Batang Rizal at Iba Pang mga Dula (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2016). Ito ay inilunsad sa publiko noong Hunyo 20, 2016 sa Aklatang Rizal, Ateneo De Manila University. Pinaulankan niya ang aking imbitasyon na ma-feature sa aking blog. Sa panayam na ito, sinagot ni Bb. Bellen ang mga tanong tungkol sa pagsusulat ng mga dula para sa kabataan at sa mga mambabasa na may hilig sa dula at dulaan.

Narito ang panayam ko kay Bb. Bellen.

1. Mukhang nag branch out ka ng genre. Bakit dula at Bakit si Rizal?

Hindi ako nagbranch out ng genre. May ganun ba sa Pilipinas? Palagay ko, maraming mga manunulat sa atin ang may mga major na trabaho sa isa o dalawang genre pero may kakayanan at interes din sa iba pang genre. Halimbawa si Egay. Nagsimula siya bilang isang makata. Wala namang nagtanong sa kanya kung bakit siya nagmaikling kuwentong pambata at YA. Sa kaso ko, isang dekada ang antolohiya ng mga trabaho ko para sa dulaang pambata kaya ibig sabihin ay kasabay ito ng mga trabaho ko rin sa pagsusulat ng mga kuwentong pambata, at kasabay rin ng pag-aaral ng Ph D para sa panitikang pambata. Nakikita ko ito bilang mga trabahong may organikong pagkakaugnay dahil sa ito naman talaga ang interes ng manunulat. Magkakaiba lamang tayo ng kombinasyon ng mga isinusulat.

2. Ano ang kaibahan Sa pagsusulat ng dula kumpara sa nobela o maikling kuwento?

Para sa akin, nakikita ko ring hindi hiwalay ang pagsusulat para sa mga bata at ang pagsusulat ng dula kung genre ang pag-uusapan dahil kapwa visual ang style ng pagsusulat at imahinasyon sa kanila.
Ang kaibahan sa dula, ay dayalogo ang isinusulat mo. Hindi tulad sa nobela at maikling kuwento. Pinakamatingkad na elemento sa dula ay ang characterization dahil ito rin ang magiging motibasyon at dahilan ng pag-usad ng naratibo.
3. Iilan lang ang mga manunulat ng Panitikang Pambata or YA lit ang sumasabak Sa pagsusulat ng dula. Ano kaya ang dahilan? Kailangan ba na may magsasadula nito kaya dapat affiliated ang manunulat Sa isang theatre group?
Kaunti ang sumasabak sa pagsusulat ng dula dahil ibang passion rin ang teatro. Hindi ka lang nagsusulat kundi bahagi ka ng isang malaking produksyon. Kung sa picture book, katrabaho mo lang ang illustrator at editor, sa dula, produksyon talaga. May teknikal na aspekto rin itong kasama. Ikaw bilang mandudula, sa katunayan ang unang "nakaka-envision" nito sa mga dula mo. Ikaw ang unang direktor, aktor, set designer, props, ilaw, at maging musika.
Hindi naman kailangang affiliated ka sa isang theater group.
Sa kaso ko, naimbitahan akong magsalin una ng isang dula ni John Cocteau sa UP Dulaang Lab. Tinanggap ko kasi gusto ko talaga ang teatro. Mahilig akong manuod at kapag nanunuod ako, may kakayanan akong umawain ang skeleton ng dula kahit hindi ko pa sila mapangalanan dati. Siguro, dahil passion ko ito kaya't may ganung ekstensyon ang pag-unawa ko sa dula. Hindi pa natatapos ang dula ko kay cocteau ay tinawagan na ako ng PETA. Dun na nagsimula ang lahat. Sunod sunod na ang proyekto ko sa kanila at sa iba pang tanghalan.
Para sa akin, isa uri rin ng mahusay na kuwento ay kung nakikita mo ito sa iba pang medium. Hindi ko sinasabing hindi maganda ang mga nananatiling kuwento. May elemento siguro sa mga kuwentong naisasadula o naisasa-pelikula na alam mong hindi lang ito mananatili bilang kuwento. Sa isang banda, may mga kuwentong, magandang basahin at namnamin sa anyo niya bilang kuwento.

4. Ano ang pinaka paborito mong dula sa koleksyon?

Pinaka-paborito ko ang Batang Rizal saka Hagibis.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 NCBD: Bumasa at Lumaya 2 Blog Tour

On July 23, 2016, the PBBY, in cooperation with Xavier School San Juan, will run the annual National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair. On exhibit are titles of children's books and young adult literature by our local publishers. Now on its third year, the NCBD Book Fair program includes a series of talks on reading, learning, book development, library services, children's books and young adult literature. Needless to say, the event will be graced by the presence of your favorite children's book writers as well as advocates, teachers and experts in the field.

What I am equally excited about in this year's NCBD Book Fair are these three things:

1. My publisher, Lampara House, will sell my books: My Daddy! My One and Only! A Tale of Two Dreams; Dear Nanay; Big Sisters; the Start Right Reading (STARS) Learning Package for Kindergarten Learners. I will also be at the Lampara House's booth for book signing.

2. I will conduct a talk on library services geared towards the growth and development of digital learners. I will do this with a partner, Mr. Darrel Manuel Marco. Our session, Awaken the Force: Innovative Library Services for Digital Learners is scheduled at 3PM.

3. Bumasa at Lumaya Vol. 2 (Anvil Publishing, 2016) will be launched during the NCBD Book Fair! I am proud to have a contribution to this collection wherein I wrote about the setting up and organization of school libraries and reading centers.

In line with the launch, I am hosting a blog tour of the book here in School Librarian in Action. Below are the bloggers and their scheduled postings.

1. Zarah C. Gagatiga of School Librarian In Action
2. Tarie Sabido of Asia in the Heart World on the Mind
3. MJ Tumamac of Xi Zuq's Nook
4. Blooey Singson of Bookmarked
5. Cris Tanjutco Ngo of Teacher's Pet
6. Mina Esguerra of Publishing in Pajamas
7. Cassandra Javier of She Flies With Faeries
8. Josephine Litonjua of Cinderella Stories
9. Jord Irving Gadingan of Tsa-Tsub!
10. Collaborative Bloggers and Readers of Bookbed

Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 NCBD Illustrator Interview: Mark Lawrence Andres

Mark Lawrence Andres, is the blog's featured illustrator of the month. Mr. Andres won the 2016 Alcala Prize for his illustrations of the winning Salanga Prize story, Makinang, Makinang by Genaro Gojo Cruz.  He will be awarded a medal and a cash prize on July 19, 2016, National Children's Book Day at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This is his first award and his first attempt in illustrating a story for children.

Mark Lawrence Andres is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design in the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman. He uses watercolor for his artworks, but he is also open to try other medium like poster color.

a. Ano ang kahulugan ng pagkakapanalo mo ng Alcala Prize? 

Isang malaking karangalan para sa akin ang mapanalunan ang Alcala Prize. Ito rin ang unang award na napanalunan ko bilang isang ilustrador kaya masayang masaya ako nang malaman ko ang balita. Nakakatuwang malaman kapag kinikilala ng iba ang gawa mo. 

b. Anong mga preparasyon ang ginawa mo para maiguhit ang Makinang, Makinang?

Naalala ko ang kabataan ko sa kuwento kaya nagustuhan ko talaga ang proseso ng paggawa ng mga illustration. Noong bata kasi ako may lumang makina rin kami sa bahay. Gaya ng bata sa kuwento, ginagawa ko ring duyan ang pedal ng makinang panahi kapag hindi ginagamit ng tatay ko. Pero higit pa sa mismong makina, mas itinuon ko ang aking pansin sa pagsasalarawan ng pagmamahalan ng ina at ng kaniyang anak.  Para sa akin, ito ang pinakamagandang elemento ng kuwento. 

c. Ngayong nanalo ka na sa isang patimpalak, saan mo nakikita ang direksyon ng iyong karera sa buhay bilang designer at visual artist?

Sa ngayon, nagtratrabaho ako bilang isang full- time graphic designer pero gusto ko rin sanang mahasa ang pagiging ilustrador. Mahilig ako sumubok ng iba't bang style sa illustration. Sa palagay ko, nasa proseso pa ako ngayon ng pagdiskubre ng sarili kong estilo. Gusto kong gumuhit para sa isang kwento na hindi lang magugustuhan ng mga bata, kundi pati mga matatanda. Katulad ng The Little Prince.

d. May nais ka pa bang gawin bilang artist at sino ang gusto mong makasama pa sa paglikha?

Noong nag-aaral pa ko sa kolehiyo, laruang pambata ang thesis ko. Masayang gumuhit para sa mga bata pero masaya ring gumawa ng bagay na pwede nilang hawakan at paglaruan, na makapagpapasaya sa kanila. Kung mabibigyan ako ng pagkakataon, gusto ko rin sanang makipagcollaborate sa isang arkitekto para magdisenyo ng isang modernong palaruang pambata.

For more information on the National Children's Book Day, the Salanga Prize and the Alcala Prize, visit the PBBY webiste:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Breaking Barriers Philippine Blog Tour Featured Chapter: Round 5 Story: Love is Stronger than Hate

MJ Tumamac, teacher and award winning writer writes a chapter review for the Breaking Barriers Philippine Blog Tour. He chose Round 5 Story: Love is Stronger than Hate and relates this to a Filipino Young Adult novel, I Hate My Mother by Perpi Tionsgon (Cacho Publishing, 2009). He further connects this with  his own experiences growing up, and now, as a writer of middle grades and young adult stories he can use such insights for his writing and teaching craft.

Indeed, reading Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion by John Couret serves many purposes and lends valuable insights in more ways than one!

MJ is touched by John Couret's story as a parent to Victoria, his daughter. Their relationship was tested through a pregnancy at a time when Victoria is still learning to be. Any parent would spiral towards anger, but John Couret, the champion that he is, showed love. He is now a happy grandfather to Macci.

Sometimes, we see letting go and surrendering as acts of weakness. When done with love, it heals all wounds and cures all ills. In the end, all we need is love and love is all we need!

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