Saturday, July 2, 2016

Read and Take Flight

This year’s NCBD theme is Bumasa at Lumaya (Read and Take Flight).

When we read books, we take flight. Our imagination is set free. Our sense of wonder soars. Our ability to play around and think outside the box is activated. When we read, we can look at another person’s place in the world and discover that our humanity is mirrored in them. Our world view expands and we realize, despite our color, culture and creed, that we are not any different from each other at all.

To drum up this theme, volunteers are encouraged to:

  1. Post on their social media accounts (FB, Twitter, IG, Tumblr) photos of Filipino children’s books and/or Filipino YA books that
    1. Have set their imagination free
    2. Allowed their sense of wonder to soar
    3. Moved them to take a proactive action for one’s self and others too
    4. Encouraged and fostered play and recreation
    5. Expanded their world views
    6. Made them realize the importance of compassion, empathy and kindness
    7. Made them proud of their culture: regional and national
    8. Gave them an AHA moment (self knowledge or a solution to problems)

B. When posting, include the bibliographic data: title, author, illustrator, publisher, copyright

C. Set the posting this way:
Week 1 - This book sets my imagination free!
Copyright year:

HASHTAGS to use:
#PHYALit (if it is a YA book)    
D. Schedule of posts:
Week 1 - July 3 - 9: Books that set my imagination free and my sense of wonder to soar.
Week 2 - July 10 - 16: Books that moved me to take action, to be proactive and encouraged me to play and have fun.
Week 3 - July 17 - 23: Books that expanded my world view and stirred in me kindness, empathy and compassion.
Week 4 - July 24 - 30: Books that made me proud being Pinoy and books that gave me AHA moments

You may also blog about this, but be sure to connect or link to any of your social media accounts. Thanks and have fun!

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