Friday, July 29, 2016

The 2016 NCBA Winners and Developmental Reading Stages

What's amazing about the 2016 NCBA Winners this year is that, the six titles can be categorized and classified according to reading stages per study and paradigm of Jean Chall (1983).

For emergent literacy, age 0-6:Dumaan si Butiki by Gigi Concepcion, illustrated by Ray Sunga (Adarna House, 2015)Haluhalo by Eli Camacho (Adarna House, 2015) 
For beginning readers, age 7-9:Mang Andoy's Signs by Mailin Paterno Locsin, illustrated by Isabel Roxas (Tahanan, 2015)Salusalo Para Kay Kuya by Ergoe Tinio, illustrated by JC Galang (Adarna House, 2015)

For middle grades, age 9-12:Supremo by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Al Estrella (Adarna House, 2015)

For Young Adult readers, age 13-18:Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon by Edgar Calabia Samar (Adarna House, 2014)

Librarians can, of course, catalog these books by subject and topics. But, as a school librarian, I take a look at the reader and his/her ability to read. What is a subject or a topic, if the reader can't read?
Congratulations to the winners! 
It is my hope that these books will find a home in the shelves of families, schools, even colleges and universities offering LIS, EDUC and Arts and Letters, public and community libraries servicing children and young adults, NGOs and foundations pursuing child development and literacy, government agencies and pediatric clinics.

Let the children read!

This list was posted on my FB Timeline a few days after the National Children's Book Day celebration held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. My intent is to help school librarians meet their readers where they are at, in experience, in context and in their ability to read. This list is helpful in collection development, in the rendering of reader's services and in planning reading guidance programs for young readers.

Teachers of reading will approach the classification of books differently. They look at the text and how comprehensible it is for young readers. They teach readers how to read with confidence and skill. Librarians support teachers by enriching the reading experience and lending necessary assistance for readers to develop a genuine love for reading.

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