Monday, December 29, 2008

From Pasig City Library to Pasig City Discovery Centrum

This is the banner that hangs above the entrance gate of the Pasig City Discovery Centrum. It was awarded Most Outstanding City Library. By whom, I still have to know.

The banner has caught my eye since two months ago. It was only last December 23, 2008 when I had the time to take a photo of the banner. The library, at that time, was to close for the day thus, my next visit has to be scheduled. I wrote a post about the city library with photos and you can view them by clicking this link to the Pasig City Library post.

Now, I know New Year is just days away and I don't want to stir any intrigues but, according to a link in the Filipino Librarian, it's the Marikina City Library that was ajudged as the best there is in Metro Manila. Apparently, the link works but there's no write up about it.

The question is, who awarded the Pasig City Library as the most outstanding and the Marikina City Library as the best in the metro? I also wonder what criteria were used. If you have news about such things, please reply via "comment" or my email add ( Such news deserve a buzz in the blogosophere

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ghosts of Christmas

Two of my favorite Christmas movies, Nightmare Before Christmas and The Muppets Christmas Carol, involve ghosts. That only goes to show that Christmas conquers all. In this season of hope, may the spirit of love and generosity rule the soul of the frightful and melt the heart of a hardened Scrooge.

Here is a video clip from Tim Burton's classic, Nightmare Before Christmas.

And here is my favorite song from Jim Henson's The Muppet's Christmas Carol. Scrooge is expertly portayed by Michael Cane by the way.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Tree Grows In The Library

It's Christmas season and the GS LRC rides with the atmosphere and the mood it brings. One of our GS Librarians, Jane Diaz, whipped up a project that inspires the spirit of Christmas among library users and gauges the boys' reading interests and as well.

Dubbed as "Wish Upon A Tree", students write on paper tree cut-outs their wish list of books for Christmas. I am surprised because many of them wanted the Twilight books. Media indeed has a strong influence on their reading choices. There are other popular titles of books they hope to have that are spawned by TV and the Internet. The Pokemon books are in demand. Anime, manga and graphic novels are some of the kinds and type of books they ask for.

But of course, we're a school library and not a commercial bookstore. It is good to know the "pulse" of the students' reading interest not to give in to what they want but to channel and shape them in making better reading choices. The next time we visit our collection development program, we know what to include for in the acquisition of Fiction and Non-Fiction collection.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home for Christmas

Two Filipino Librarians who are currently based overseas will be home for Christmas. Peachy Limpin has sent word of her homecoming and Von Totanes is counting off the days till he's back for the Holidays.

I don't know about Von, but Peachy and I have scheduled a date. We have a lot of catching up to do. I doubt that four hours of dinner would be enough.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Participants Say About Zarah Gagatiga's Storytelling Workshop

Participants of the workshop, Storytelling for Growth and Healing, gave these fantastic feedback!

The speaker was efficient and effective. She delivered the topics well and communicated not only on the cognitive level but (as well) on the affective domain of the audience.

A great help most especially to the mentors and would-be teachers

I am very much excited ; storytelling now is so amazing! .

For samples of storytelling techniques click on the following: Story Knifing Sampler and Storytelling Librarian.

Friday, December 5, 2008


This group was the accrediitng team for the Divine Word College Legaspi PAASCU accreditation. Standing L-R - Mr. Henry Davalos, Principal, San Felipe Neri Parochial School; Ms. Mafe, PAASCU Rep. Seated L-R, yours truly; Mrs. Dreena Del Mundo, Principal CSC, MIriam College; Ms. Jane Gonzales, Coordinator Aralin Panlipunan, School of the Holy Spirit; Ms. Dianne Sibug, Guidance Coordinator, St. Scholastica's College Marikina and Mr. Marc Hernandez, PAASCU Commissioner and Chairman of the Accrediting Team.

This photo was taken right after breakfast yesterday. Soon after, we left for the airport for our flight back to Manila. For the record, this PAASCU visit has been the most enjoyable, so far.

There are two sides to PAASCU work, you see. One is the tremendous job of thoroughly looking into the school's recommendations by reading the reports, seeing and viewing documents and conducting interviews. The other side is the honor and respect afforded to the accreditors. It works both ways when you think about it because the real purpose of accreditation visit is to help the school and in the process, for the accreditor, learn something new from the school visited.

I like going to PAASCU work for that reason. I see other teachers teaching. I meet other librarians and I get the opportunity to touch base with them in their own context and experiences. I realize that out there are teaching practices and programs if not better than "ours", quite unique and very effective.

PAASCU work is really a humbling experience.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seeing Mt. Mayon

My heart is pure and my conscience, crystal clear. I saw Mt. Mayon right after our orientation meeting at 3.30 pm. I know the photo is foggy, that;s because the sky is gray and the fog is still very thick. But my eyes did not betray me. It was majestic and utterly mysterious. The other accreditors took a photo using the camera in their cell phones. For us Manilenos, it's not everyday that we get a view of Mt. Mayon.

Accreditation work is not easy, but it has its perks.

Back To Bicolandia

The flight from Manila to Legaspi was quick. It took us only 40 minutes on air to land safely very near Mt. Mayon. A thick fog hides it from our view which confirms what local legend tells visitors and natives alike - that only the pure of heart could see it's mysterious beauty.

We have two more days so I'm not giving my hopes up. From December 2-3, 2008, I will be with the team of PAASCU accreditors who will visit the Divine Word College here in Legaspi. And as it goes, my area will be the Instructinal Media Center.
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