Monday, August 8, 2022

Library Bulletin Board: I do believe your galaxy


Sunday, August 7, 2022

Book Review: There Are No Bad People in the World

The rains are back. 

Summer has ended. 

But with climate change, where do you draw the line between the seasons? I retreat to books and reading to find a constant. I'm sharing a review of one of the books I read this summer.

“There Are No Bad People in the World” by Jae Woon-Hon, translated by Ma. Kristina Carla Rico and Kyung Min Bae (Apop, 2021).

📚 It’s a tender and thought provoking take on the little moments of everyday. The ordinary is elevated unto the divine. The simple joys make life worth living.
💜 There are big life changing questions being asked in each story rendered unassumingly and with care. The stories will comfort you and inspire you to be brave.
✨Therein lies the charm of the book.
🃏 Apparently, BTS member, Jhope read this book too and it is referenced in STOP, the 4th track in his new album, Jack in the Box. Like the book, Stop questions and reflects on the chaos and conflict wrapped around the world today. Like the book, it keeps hope afloat through lyrics that show the inherent goodness of people.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

BA In-service: Reading Lists Rocks!

Who else finds reading lists exciting? If you do start one for your learning community! In ours, we value the creation and curation of reading lists most especially of books and resources found in our library's collection.

Last week, as our school community prepared for the opening of classes, I presented the new library OPAC to the faculty. Powered by Koha and supported by Tulong Aklatan, the OPAC has a clean design making the navigation easier for users to search, locate and access information on sources. One of the features of the Koha-BALibOPAC is the "Your List" that allows readers to make one - and more! After creating an account, teachers explored the new OPAC and created reading lists. 

Here is the line up of reading lists made public on our OPAC.

Teachers creating reading lists for their classes have many advantages.

1. Library resources are being promoted to readers.

2. The reading list reflects the course work of the unit of the subject for a given semester. This serves as reference to students who need guidance in their reading and study of the topics in the unit at hand.

3. We can see connections and integration of concepts accross subject areas.
4. This is a validation of resources and instructional materials acquired by the library as reflective of the curriculum. 

5. Creating a reading list is a strategy to manage knowledge. Knowledge that is fluid, dynamic and constantly challenged by truths and changing beliefs.

I am such a library nerd!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

BA Library OPAC-Koha: How to Create a Reading List

 One of the contents of our new Users Guide for our OPAC which is powered by Koha, is the steps in creating a Reading List.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Book Launch: Sulatan sa Panahon ng Pandemya

I was down with very bad diarrhea on Saturday last week I thought I would miss the book launch of Sulatan sa Panahon ng Pandemya (Gantala Press, 2022). It is a book project that took a year to complete. Edited by Merlinda Bobis, Joi Barrios LeBlanc and Mailin Paterno, it is a collection of letters by women and of women living through and surviving with grace and wonder during the pandemic. 

So glad my tummy and this aging body cooperated. 

Please go to the IG account of Gantala Press and have a look at this work of love.

Congratulations to Gantala Press, the editors and the women who opened and shared their stories. Thank you so much to ADHIKA, Inc. and Likhaan Creative Writing Foundation.

I am proud to be part of this book project at the same time, I am humbled to be among the roster of these wonder women, mga kababaihang Pilipina!

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