Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winner of the Book Drum Tournament 2011

Here's the opening line of the email I got from the editor of Book Drum --

In a unanimous decision, the judges awarded first prize to Emily Gray for her stunning profile of The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg.
Go to  Emily Gray's page and read her contribution via this link. And here are more news on the winners of the second, third and consolation prizes.

Second prize was awarded to Gordon Knox for The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy. 
Third prize was awarded to Johanna Trew for War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
Kerri McDonald (My Traitor's Heart); Eleanor Updegraff (The Reluctant Fundamentalist); Wendy Attwell (Possession); Bryony Bell (Nights at the Circus); Helen Anderson (Disgrace)
Congratulations to the winners!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture! Picture!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Live Blogging: PAARL Modular Training on Bibliotherapy

My session on Bibliotherapy this morning has been a successful one!

There are fifty-six participants in PAARL's modular training session on Bibliotherapy and they were all game in doing this morning's activity. We had group dynamics, sharing, discussion, cheers and chants. I shared models of bibliotherapy sessions and book prescription shop. But, what has been more meaningful yet is the interaction of participants to concerns and issues pertaining to the implementation of bibliotherapy sessions. So far, we have identified roles that librarians play in a book prescription shop. While librarians can set up well-being collection, they are also exposed to information and experiences of clients and users of the library. It is vital that librarians develop links and collaborative efforts with mental health practitioners.

More blogging later! We are on break for lunch.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

PAARL's Bibliotheraphy Workshop

Today is the first day of PAARL's Modular Training on Bibliotherapy. It's president, Roderick Ramos has written a blog post about it. Read the article via PAARL Inc. Fully Engaged.

On the second the day, I will join PAARL once more to discuss ways on how librarians can start their own "well being collection". I have designed a workshop so there will be songs, movement, book selection and making of bibliographies. And lots of group dynamics, of course!

If you are attending, say hi! Don't be shy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scholastic Book Report Workshop

Scholastic Book Fairs Philippines continues to spread its wings to influence and inspire teachers to love books and reading. In a book report workshop I did at Brain Heart Christian Educational Institution, Inc., teachers had  the opportunity to select and choose books they personally like. They talked about it in their group circles and affirmed the importance of reading even in this day and age of IT.

Book report making, however, remains a traditional chore.

Teachers in general should see that book reports are products of a reader's love for reading and books. The output may vary from the tried and tested written essay to the informal but fun, cosplay. Other activities like book parade, dress a character, literary circles, book mobiles are considered book reports too. Knowledge of the available literature and an appreciation literature are requirements to make book report makng an exciting activity first to the teacher, then to the student who needs to see models of reading and writing use in school and daily life.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

PASLI's Summer Conference @ Baguio City

Baguio will always cast its own peculiar charm to me. Despite the crowded city streets and growing population, Baguio will remain a destination of quiet excitement. This is due in part on the quaint architecture of American houses and buildings that litter the city and the small but relevant community of artists that live there. Of course, it is famous for strawberries, ube jam and the Igorot guy hiding in a barrel but Baguio is more of these pasalubongs. It is an old city trying to keep its traditions in the midst of commercialism and modernization.

My two-day stay in Baguio last week was, like many trips I had in the old city, anything but uneventful -- in a maudlin kind of way. Thanks to PASLI (Philippine Association of School Librarians, Inc.) for having me once more as resource speaker on bibliotherapy. I got another chance to visit old haunts. And, best of all, I had an opportunity to touch base with a friend and PNU co-alum, Jo Ladlad of the De La Salle Univeristy Manila branch. We shared a cottage with another PNU co-alum, Meann Jimenez Salvador who I wrote about a few blog articles ago. As it is with long time friends, we caught up on each other way into the night!

Being with PASLI once more was like meeting an old friend too.  From the onset of my session, the participants were responsive despite the long day that had been. The PASLI Officers, headed by Madame Procerfina Laman (Laong Laan Elementary School) and Mr. Jude Gorospe (Miriam College, High School Department) were all warm and very much accomodating. Special thanks to Madame Cora Cruz and Ms. Gemma Cuna who made sure my needs were all attended to. They spoiled me rotten!

Here's hoping that one or two participants would set up a bibliotherapy collection or would engage in collaborative efforts with school administrators, guidance counselors and reading teachers in the conduct of such. For now, I am affirmed with this message I got from PASLI's Vice President, Mr. Jude Gorospe --

It is our pleasure and honor to have you grace our affair. Your unending love and commitment to school librarianship and energy are our source of inspiration to proceed. We always treasure our encounters with you! - from all of us in PASLI.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The 6th SAS-Petron Gurong Kaakbay Conference

Teacher Dina Ocampo delivers an plenary speech.
The 6th SAS-Petron Gurong Kaakbay Conference folded up successfully having trained 172 public teachers from Manila and regions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao last 4-6 May 2011. This year, the conference focused on the theme on students learning needs and competencies required of them to learn and live meaningfully in the 21st century. Thus, the conference invited plenary speakers who are experts in the field of Psychology, Educational Research, Special and Gifted Education. The likes of Dr. Antonio Torralba of the UA and P, Dr. Leticia Penano-Ho of UP Diliman, Isagani Cruz of DLSU-Taft and Teacher Dina Ocampo, Dean of the College of Education, UP Diliman were present. Roselle Ambubuyog, Mike Luz and celebrity-motivational speaker Dyords Javier lent spiration to teachers present at the conference.

The break out sessions boasted of competent workshop facilitators who charmed and shared new knowledge, learning, unlearning and relearning in the process with the participants . To name a few of the many sessions teachers attended there were topics on effective classroom management, literary socio-gram, ESL instruction, oral language learning, stroytelling, drama techniques for teachers, reading strategies, multiple inteligences, UbD, public pseaking and bibliotherapy. Team spirit and bonding session was part of the program too. The teachers went through different physical activities that helped them understand themselves and others too. Thanks to LUBID, Inc. for the meaningful group dynamics. As a tradition in a GK conference, selected teachers were treated to a pampering and make-over session by Isdanco Foundation.

Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz hosted on the 1st day 

Volunteer students from Far Easter University assisted in the workshop sessions. Having the conference in their university, they were all gracious and pleasant hosts.

Congratulations to the team of Sa Aklat Siisikat, headed by its President, Margarita Delgado, Vice President Lizzie Zobel, executive director, Christine Araneta-Fereira and operations manager, Marie Angeles for yet another successful GK conference!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bibliotherapy with Teachers and Librarians

I have to thank PAARL for inviting me last year to do a bibliotherapy workshop. It multiplied!

Last week, I did a bibliotherapy session for public school teachers during the Sa Aklat Sisikat-Petron Gurong Kaakbay Conference at Far Eastern University. I simulated a typical bibliotherapy session using Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. They were an emotional bunch. They were touched at the story of the tree who gave everything. A good number of teachers cried a lot reliving memories and experiences of giving and receiving, and learning how to love in the process. Afterwards, I gave an input on bibliotherapy especially tackling tips, models and samples of  implementation. To end the session, I did a run of book talks on books that can be used for bibliotherapy.

I worked on the same format and structure for the Philippine Association of School Librarians Inc. (PASLI) Summer Conference here in Baguio City. But librarians are a different lot. No tears. More laughter and a thankful heart. On May 19-20, PAARL has invited me once more to do another bibliotherapy workshop. This time around, I will focus on the role of librarians as bibliotherapist and present technical preparations to building a "well-being" collection.

Below is the PowerPoint presentation I have been using in all my bibliotherapy workshops.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love You Forever

It's Mother's Day today and I am reminded of Robert Munsch's book, Love You Forever, as a fitting read for moms and children on this special day.

I first read the book years ago when I was teaching preschool. I cried because I was touched by the song's message of enduring love. I was single then and motherhood was a far fetched dream. Nonetheless, I knew how much love and sacrifice my own mother, in her own unique way, has made for me.

A few years after, I would buy the book as part of the library's collection. When I recommended the book to teachers, they too were touched. I have read the book to my kids. I have shared the book to my students and children in many storytelling sessions. The other day, I read aloud Munsch's masterpiece to the participants of my bibliotherapy workshop at the SAS-Petron Gurong Kaakbay Conference. It had been a love fest.

Thank you Robert Munsch for writing the book, Love You Forever. It perfectly shows a   parent's unconditional love to his or her children. To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Repairing and Restoring the Noli and the Fili

The Germans! They are here!

Two conservators from Germany are in town to do minor repair and restoration of Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Rizal's Last Farewell and his retelling of William Tell are also included in the restoration project by the National Library of the Philippines. Rare Book Collection Head, Rosette Crelencia is supervising the project with financial aid from the Federal Republic of Germany via the German Embassy. The ties that bind Blumentritt and Rizal remains strong in this day and age.

But really, the connection goes beyond the personal friendship that Rizal had with Blumentritt. Restoring the works of the national hero is a relevant and timely project given his 150th birthday in 19 June 2011. Thank you to the Germans! Their technology and expertise in preservation and conservation assures that generations of Filipinos will be able to see Rizal's books, national treasures all!

The PBBY was afforded a viewing of the restoration work earlier this week. It was an awesome sight! There is something sentimental and immortal at the sight of the books being swept clean and restored. It is meticulous work and Rizal indeed deserves such reverence. According to the conservators, the Noli and the Fili are in very good state that they only need to do minor repairs. Good job, National Library of the Philippines!

Here's hoping that, apart from the rare Rizaliana, books and literature by other Filipino heroes will be repaired and restored. The budget for such project costs millions, true. Then again, one should seek in order to find!
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