Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scholastic Book Report Workshop

Scholastic Book Fairs Philippines continues to spread its wings to influence and inspire teachers to love books and reading. In a book report workshop I did at Brain Heart Christian Educational Institution, Inc., teachers had  the opportunity to select and choose books they personally like. They talked about it in their group circles and affirmed the importance of reading even in this day and age of IT.

Book report making, however, remains a traditional chore.

Teachers in general should see that book reports are products of a reader's love for reading and books. The output may vary from the tried and tested written essay to the informal but fun, cosplay. Other activities like book parade, dress a character, literary circles, book mobiles are considered book reports too. Knowledge of the available literature and an appreciation literature are requirements to make book report makng an exciting activity first to the teacher, then to the student who needs to see models of reading and writing use in school and daily life.

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