Friday, May 20, 2011

Live Blogging: PAARL Modular Training on Bibliotherapy

My session on Bibliotherapy this morning has been a successful one!

There are fifty-six participants in PAARL's modular training session on Bibliotherapy and they were all game in doing this morning's activity. We had group dynamics, sharing, discussion, cheers and chants. I shared models of bibliotherapy sessions and book prescription shop. But, what has been more meaningful yet is the interaction of participants to concerns and issues pertaining to the implementation of bibliotherapy sessions. So far, we have identified roles that librarians play in a book prescription shop. While librarians can set up well-being collection, they are also exposed to information and experiences of clients and users of the library. It is vital that librarians develop links and collaborative efforts with mental health practitioners.

More blogging later! We are on break for lunch.

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