Sunday, May 15, 2011

PASLI's Summer Conference @ Baguio City

Baguio will always cast its own peculiar charm to me. Despite the crowded city streets and growing population, Baguio will remain a destination of quiet excitement. This is due in part on the quaint architecture of American houses and buildings that litter the city and the small but relevant community of artists that live there. Of course, it is famous for strawberries, ube jam and the Igorot guy hiding in a barrel but Baguio is more of these pasalubongs. It is an old city trying to keep its traditions in the midst of commercialism and modernization.

My two-day stay in Baguio last week was, like many trips I had in the old city, anything but uneventful -- in a maudlin kind of way. Thanks to PASLI (Philippine Association of School Librarians, Inc.) for having me once more as resource speaker on bibliotherapy. I got another chance to visit old haunts. And, best of all, I had an opportunity to touch base with a friend and PNU co-alum, Jo Ladlad of the De La Salle Univeristy Manila branch. We shared a cottage with another PNU co-alum, Meann Jimenez Salvador who I wrote about a few blog articles ago. As it is with long time friends, we caught up on each other way into the night!

Being with PASLI once more was like meeting an old friend too.  From the onset of my session, the participants were responsive despite the long day that had been. The PASLI Officers, headed by Madame Procerfina Laman (Laong Laan Elementary School) and Mr. Jude Gorospe (Miriam College, High School Department) were all warm and very much accomodating. Special thanks to Madame Cora Cruz and Ms. Gemma Cuna who made sure my needs were all attended to. They spoiled me rotten!

Here's hoping that one or two participants would set up a bibliotherapy collection or would engage in collaborative efforts with school administrators, guidance counselors and reading teachers in the conduct of such. For now, I am affirmed with this message I got from PASLI's Vice President, Mr. Jude Gorospe --

It is our pleasure and honor to have you grace our affair. Your unending love and commitment to school librarianship and energy are our source of inspiration to proceed. We always treasure our encounters with you! - from all of us in PASLI.

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