Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 NCBD: Bumasa at Lumaya 2 Blog Tour

On July 23, 2016, the PBBY, in cooperation with Xavier School San Juan, will run the annual National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair. On exhibit are titles of children's books and young adult literature by our local publishers. Now on its third year, the NCBD Book Fair program includes a series of talks on reading, learning, book development, library services, children's books and young adult literature. Needless to say, the event will be graced by the presence of your favorite children's book writers as well as advocates, teachers and experts in the field.

What I am equally excited about in this year's NCBD Book Fair are these three things:

1. My publisher, Lampara House, will sell my books: My Daddy! My One and Only! A Tale of Two Dreams; Dear Nanay; Big Sisters; the Start Right Reading (STARS) Learning Package for Kindergarten Learners. I will also be at the Lampara House's booth for book signing.

2. I will conduct a talk on library services geared towards the growth and development of digital learners. I will do this with a partner, Mr. Darrel Manuel Marco. Our session, Awaken the Force: Innovative Library Services for Digital Learners is scheduled at 3PM.

3. Bumasa at Lumaya Vol. 2 (Anvil Publishing, 2016) will be launched during the NCBD Book Fair! I am proud to have a contribution to this collection wherein I wrote about the setting up and organization of school libraries and reading centers.

In line with the launch, I am hosting a blog tour of the book here in School Librarian in Action. Below are the bloggers and their scheduled postings.

1. Zarah C. Gagatiga of School Librarian In Action
2. Tarie Sabido of Asia in the Heart World on the Mind
3. MJ Tumamac of Xi Zuq's Nook
4. Blooey Singson of Bookmarked
5. Cris Tanjutco Ngo of Teacher's Pet
6. Mina Esguerra of Publishing in Pajamas
7. Cassandra Javier of She Flies With Faeries
8. Josephine Litonjua of Cinderella Stories
9. Jord Irving Gadingan of Tsa-Tsub!
10. Collaborative Bloggers and Readers of Bookbed

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