Friday, July 29, 2016

The 2016 National Children's Book Book Fair at Xavier School & the PBBY Kids Lit Talks

The 2016 National Children's Book Day (NCBD) Book Fair was a lot of fun! Bumasa at Lumaya vol. 2 was launched. Editors, Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, Ani Almario and Ramon Sunico had short but substantial talks. The book fair program boasted of storytelling activities, Yoga for kids and adults, product presentations, author talks and book signings, exhibits of works and selling of art by Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan.

The PBBY Children's Literature Talks were well attended. There was a mood of fun, festivities and so much hope for the industry.

In our librarians' workshop, Darrel Marco and I facilitated points of discussion on how school librarians can "awaken the force" - their own and their readers too. In a nutshell, Darrel introduced the core competencies necessary to plan and implenent innovative reading and literacy activities for digital learners. These core competencies are: assimilation, collaboration and awakening. He also did a profiling of the digital learner. He even showed a homegrown video that he made using Puppet Pals, an app for digital storytelling. He used this video to teach access to information using the Table of Contents among grade school students.

Afterwards, I stretched the points he raised in the input session and moved on to the workshop. The participants read books, wrote reviews and posted short annotations of their reviews on social media.

Watch out for more professional development activities! Do join us! Let us learn together!

Bumasa at Lumaya!

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