Monday, January 14, 2019

Dear Ms. Z: Please Help Me Plan for a Talk on Storytelling (1 of 2)

Last week, I received a direct message from Ms. Sheila Joy Bañares via Instagram. Sheila is a librarian from Isabela. 

This is her query:

Ma’am Z, librarian po ako sa school namin. And they (College of Education) are inviting me to give some tips po pano mag story telling. Education students po ang tuturuan ko po. Pano gawin? Thanks po.

I further asked her for details. When is the schedule of the workshop and if she is the school librarian of their institution. She said that she got the invitation a day before the workshop. She does storytelling for the elementary grades but conducting a workshop makes her nervous. The least she can do, according to the inviting party, is to share her experiences when reading aloud and telling stories to children. 

Still a tall order. Preparing for a talk or a workshop takes time, even for seasoned facilittaors. Then again, this is an opportunity for the librarian to step up her game and show how she can be an asset to the learning community.

So, I this was my reply:

What are you confident in sharing to your colleauges as far as storytelling and reading aloud is concerned? It’s good that you are nervous and excited. This means, you know you can do it!

Maybe setting one objective of your session will help you. Know your purpose. Bakit ka ba magsheshare ng storytelling experiences mo?

Your audience are college students. You were once a college student. But now, you have experience. So, share your storytelling experience. After knowing your objective and your experiences to share, draft an outline.

This is a two-part post, so come by the blog again this week for the tips I sent Sheila in planning for a talk on storytelling.

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