Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Blog's Monthly First Post of 2018

Keeping up with a blogging tradition, here are the blog's first post of every month in 2018.

January: Prayer for the New Year I began 2018 with a photo of the moon and fire works.

February: The NonLibrarians in Our Midst Musings on licensed librarians and the controversial assignment of Dir. Gilbert Adriano as National Library of the Philippines administrative director.

March: Priming Session for Digital Learning Talk at Southville International School A pre-activity for participants of the Reading Congress in Southville International School. I have been using the blog as an online teaching tool to extend learning experiences for my workshops.

April: Art, Music and Storytelling Stuff I do that truly matters to me because it keep me sane. Art! Music! Storytelling!

May: Consortium of the South  Here is where you can read the interview I had with officers of the CoTS or Consortium of the South, a library organization of colleges and schools in the southern district of Metro Manila.

June: Teacher at Center Stage: Ana Bacudio I continue the blog's series on Filipino teachers making a difference and being an inspiration to many. For this post, I interviewed Ana Bacudio who is organizing reading centers in Mindoro.

July: Keynote of Pepper Roxas During the 2017 National Children's Book Day (NCBD) at the CCP is a throwback post and a preparation or PR to the 2018 NCBD.

August: Nostalgia and Hero Worship Every summer, we visit museums. The ones Zoe and I visited were the Vargas Museum and the Bulwagan ng Dangal that are both found in the UP Diliman Campus. We saw Toym Imao's installations and sculptures and viewed the art exhibit by CANVAS.

September: Ino at the MIBF 2018 Of course, I blogged about Ino the Invincible and its availability in the Manila International Book Fair. I heard it had good sales!

October: Pilgrim's Pit Stop: On Midlife Because the blog is also my personal space.

November: Picture Book Month In Retrospect I tried keeping the Picture Book Month alive, but failed. Epic.

December: Mini-Books by Teachers It is always a joy to teach and share with teachers the delights of book making. I always begin in small and simple steps. Hoping that it will grow and develop into a big project in their learning community.

And so, this is the blog's 2018. Let's see what 2019 will give us.

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