Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Pilgrim's Pit Stop: On the Journey to Midlife

One Saturday I was at the clinic of my primary care doctor. I was there so she could help me read the results of my blood chemistry (plan 12) and hematology. This reading helped me understand new terminology and words pertaining to my health in general. I was fascinated at the way my doctor read the results to me. Explaining every acronym such as SGPT, SGOT, BUN and what it indicates per reference value. Telling me about all the “philes” in my blood cells, what each of them mean and their difference with the “cytes”, the implications if results go over and beyond their value. It was a very informative and helpful session. I will never look at a blood cell the same way again.

Why I only learned about this now, I thought? The biology and health education I had back in the day didn’t sound this interesting. Aha. The folly of youth. If not for my mini-stroke two years ago, I would not pay attention to my changing body. Indeed, life is a bundle of experiences that needs to be unpacked, sorted and to make connections to new ones. Unknowingly sometimes, life experiences allow us to take random mental notes on imaginary posts its to be retrieved when the situation calls for it. And here, at the other side of the spectrum, I find myself being grateful for the benefits of ageing and growing old.

Long and short of it, the result of my blood test gave me reason to celebrate. Images of another cheat meal crossed my mind. Banana pancakes with a generous helping of maple syrup and whipped butter. Yummy. However, before I could run to the nearest branch of Pancake House, my doctor reminded me to drink plenty of water, take longer walks, spend more time in the sun, have enough sleep, 6-8 hours when possible, continue keeping a record of meals taken in a day and to keep smiling. Lastly, she gave me a list of medical specialists to see. Optlhalmologist. Cardiologist. Gynecologist. And my dear Neurologist. Sigh. The GIST saga continues. There goes my cheat meal ideas out the window. Salamat po, doktora!

Seriously, I have been thanking God for answered prayers. One of which is the provision for medical access with doctors who truly care for their patients. For two years now, I have seen doctors who dispense and prescribe medicines with utmost care, taking into consideration my medical history first of all. The other month, the dermatologist told me to anticipate changes in hormones as I age. The eye doctor I paid a visit to last week sensed my anxiety when he mentioned the need to use progressive lenses. He calmly said, Lahat tayo darating sa ganyang pagbabago sa buhay. He smiled and added, You are not alone. How comforting.

At that instance, I acknowledge God’s presence in my life. He is in all things and in all beings. I only need to humbly seek Him and ask Him for graces. He is all I need. He is enough.  

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