Friday, December 28, 2018

The Lighthouse Diary Entry 12: In Retrospect of 2018

Here now are posts I made about work and my librarian adventures at the Beacon Academy. I started the Lighthouse Diary in 2017 and so far, I am keeping the lighthouse lit as much as I can.

In this entry, I wrote about research and what it is as a concept. Needless to say, research is thinking and cognition. In April, I curated my entries and I realized how involved I am in the systems of thinking and teaching skills in the Academy. I often see myself as falling short of the expectations, but a closer look at the work I do as school librarian reveals how involved I am. In this post, I reflect on the library orientation and skills teaching I conducted at the beginning of the school year.

Now I figured that what is missing is a follow through and a regular meeting with students either in formal or informal instructional spaces. Aha. This is something I can work on for academic year 2019!

In September, I wrote about the Dr. Maris Diokno's talk and Pinoy Ako Blog's visit in the Academy. IT was a feel good experience for me as I saw how important librarians and archivists are in this age of  fake news and alternative facts. Finally, the McCann Youth study helped me gain perspective. If teachers are constantly challenged to student centered teaching, then school librarians are needed to support teachers on this challenge. Furthermore, the services and programs in school libraries have to be centered at the learners, adults included.

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