Monday, January 22, 2018

The Lighthouse Diary Entry 7: Reflecting on Learning Experiences on Research

Sharing some reflections I had on the Extended Essay this year, as one EE journey ends and another begins. More on research, really, because I found myself going back and forth to the writing workshop last August with the year 11 students, the work of the Research Committee that needs to be revisited, the IB workshop I recently completed and previous EE experiences.

How do we define research? Does it need definition since it is, for most part a thinking skill that is made visible through a written output? Or something tangible like a project, a module, an art work. I think what I need is to ground the idea or the concept of research into statements or beliefs.

1. Research is asking questions and finding answers. 

2. Research is a process that entails collaboration - not just cooperation and coordination.

3. Research is a conversation.

4. Research is an invitation for you to stand on the shoulders of giants. And this is both an honor and a privilege.

I wonder how my colleagues see research and, in the practice of teaching ATLs, how would a belief or thesis statement on research factor in effective pedagogy.  

Can we introduce the EE as a rite of passage to the juniors when we meet them again on Feb 7, before DP teachers give sessions on subject specific guidelines?

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