Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Book Review: A SEALs Purpose

A SEAL's Purpose (SEALs of Chance Creek Book 5)A SEAL's Purpose by Cora Seton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Back at Chance Creek and this time, the Navy SEALs' project of sustainable living continues as well as the Regency women's Bread and Breakfast business. The camera's are still rolling for the reality TV show they all signed up for and the stakes are up for the gang to keep their dreams from ending. It's Kai's turn to find a wife and Addison, who has seen the TV show since it began, steps into Base Camp with a different set of expectations.

Having read and followed the series from the very beginning, I knew what I was up for. The background of the story and its premise are unique. The contrast between the SEALs and the Regency women make for an intriguing read. As Cora Seton has proved all along, it can work. The personal stories of each couple fits in this colourful tapestry of love at first sight, battling inner demons and finding one's true calling. It has been consistent all this time and though some parts can be predictable, it is the individual and personal journeys of each character that makes the books a fun, interesting and heart warming read.

In Book 5, Kai and Addison battle internal and external forces to be the persons they choose to be and found true love in the process. Supporting characters, like Felicity, Addison's sisters and Kai's family, provided a dynamic to the story in exploring issues on fears and detachment. By this time, there are enough characters from past books to pad and thicken each book in the series. If you are a follower, watch out for clues that lead to book 6.

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