Friday, January 5, 2018

Makerspace and the DLSU-STC School Library (1 of 2)

Here are photos of the DLSU-STC Library. These selected photos show how the library staff was able to manage the space to allow learners of all kinds, sizes and types to use its facilities, services and programs.

Computer terminals for the OPAC and the circulation counter very near it. Human engagement remains an important factor in the delivery of readers and reference services.

The reading area where one can sit and relax to his or her heart's desire while reading a book. Behind it are tows and rows of book shelves that make up the library's printed book holdings. 

A space for viewing, workshops, big group activities and storytelling. This area also holds the Fiction Book Collection.  

This area is a more quiet space for researchers who need silence when writing. The room at the back is a meeting room, viewing room and discussion room. Notice the glass walls that suggest transparency and openness. 

Internet terminals where students have access to the library's databases and online subscriptions.

The librarian's work area and office is beside two small meeting rooms and a room that has the Teacher's Resources. This suggests the role of the school librarian as instructional partner of teachers. The meeting rooms allow for staff meetings and individual consultation with the librarian.

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