Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Found Poetry: Poetry is all around!

Found Poetry: Poetry is all around!
From January 29 to February 16, 2018
Online voting: February 19 - 28, 2018
Found Poetry is a literary collage made from texts found in newspapers, street signs, speeches, letters, old pages of books, magazines and spines of books. It is hunting for words and putting them in a creative literary form, like, poetry. 

BOOK SPINE POETRY - Create a poem by stacking books on top of each other and showing the spines.
BLACKOUT POETRY - Find words and phrases from old pages of magazines, newspapers and books that can be fashioned into poetry.
POETRY MAGNETS - Create a poem by piecing together word magnets.

 Take a photo of the poem/s you made and post it on IG with the following hashtags:
#bookspinepoetry (for book spine poems)
#blackoutpoetry (for blackout poems)
#magneticpoetry (for magnetic poems). 
BA Community members vote for poetry that:
  • makes them say WTF (what the freak?!)
  • makes them go Aaaawww…
  • makes them want to hug someone dear
  • makes them imagine and wonder
  • they like, just because
The Found Poetry activity is in line with the celebration of Language and Literary Festival 2018. It aims to develop two IB Learner Profile, Risk Taker and Communicator.
Risk Takers - creating and making poems from words found in unlikely sources and places foster the exploration of new ideas and encourage resourcefulness. This activity challenges students to face uncertainty and be open to possibilities.

Communicators - Found Poetry is a creative way to express language in different ways.

 Here is a sample of a Blackout Poem I made a few days ago:

that strong reason for leaving
the lonely life
that we
fear someone 
or something
we can only deduce
the strong possibility
that fulfillment is a presumption
a warning
the sign
that you see

The Found Poetry activity is open to everyone in the Beacon Academy community!

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