Thursday, December 20, 2018

Author Visit at Gan Etz Ha Haim

Who would have thought that there is a synagogue in the busy, commercial community of Makati? Well, there really is and it is maintained and managed by the Jewish Association of the Philippines (JAP).  Nestled in the Salcedo enclave, the JAP complex houses a social hall and a preschool, the Gan Etz Ha Haim preschool. 

I paid them visit yesterday where I talked about my writing life and read aloud stories. The kids particularly loved My Daddy, My One and Only and the The Day Max Flew Away. There I met Teacher Daryl and Teacher
Paz, and their small community of preschool staff. After my talk and read aloud sessions, I had book signing with the kids, chatted with the Jewsish staff and some parents.

Before I left, Teacher Daryl and Teacher Paz gave me a tour of Bachrach Hall, the library and the synagogue. It was my first time to enter a synagogue. It was my first time too to see books read and used for worship by the Jewish people. Nothing but respect to the Jewish community as they have a language, culture and faith as old as time itself. As in every visit and every talk I do, I was the one who learned so much from my host. I left the JAP complex informed and appreciative of the Jewish people in our midst.

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