Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 In Review: The DepEd Story Writing Project 2 of 2

With NLP People and Participants from CDO DepEd and Libraries
In June, at that month's last week, I found myself in the company of librarian friends from the National Library of the Philippines (NLP). Fresh from the controversy of the #NationalNonLibrarian, Ed Quiros, Dolly Carungui, Melai Ramirez and their band of silent workers from the NLP were in full force in Cagayan De Oro to conduct another Story Book Writing and Storytelling Workshop.

And yes, I was the facilitator for the writing workshop.

What made this experience interesting are two things: 1) I met the #NationalNonLibrarian up close and personal, and 2) I did a writing in the mother tongue workshop when in fact, I neither speak Bisaya nor Cebuano.

For an introduction of NLP's project, read the blog post, NLP is on the move. I realized this is an unfinished post, so I will catch up on this before the year ends. Long story short, the NLP is doing its job to connect with the LGUs and the DepEd in the regions, donating books and shedding light to what seemed a hopeless case of public library development in the country. The current library director is a Human Resource Manager and his appointment caused a great divide in Philippine Librarianship. But, given the status of  the profession and some technicalities to the nature of the NLP as a government office, Dir. Gilbert Adriano will have to perform his duties and the Filipino Librarians who are adverse to his assignment must simply accept things as they are. For now.

Good news from the NLP recently: LGUs are taking a more active role in public library development. We will explre and find out more of this next year! So rejoice in this good news.

Now, how did my workshop in creating books in the mother tongue go?

Kamusta Ka in Cebuano
I started with a Filipino song and have the participants translate it in Cebuano. This was a planned activity of course, but, the response of the public school teachers present in the workshop were automatic. They jumped into the exercise. Proud to speak their mother tongue and to sing it out loud as a community made the session more meaningful. The rest of the day was spent on writing their own stories, reading them aloud and giving feedback.

This prepared them for Day 2 of the workshop which is the use of an app for creating story books. The books they made are accessible through the NLP and in cooperation with the DepEd and the Cagayan De Oro public library. My takeaway from this experience is this: we need each other to work collaboratively to ensure that our children would have the materials needed to teach them how to read, create their own stories and eventually, grow a genuine love for books (of all types).

For my work on mother tongue based instruction, both as librarian, teacher and writer, go to this blog post on My Musings on Mother Tongue Based Education.

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