Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Lighthouse Diary Entry 8: Taking a step backward

Around July last year, I was inspired to star a new blog entry about the work I do in the Beacon Academy. I had seven entries and here is a brief review of each.

Entry 1 - Collaboration and Collaborative Teaching Strategies - where I wrote about the challenges that collaboration entails plus, links to different teaching strategies.

Entry 2 - Desires, Passions and the World's Greatest Need - thoughts on the inspirational talk of Mr. Bobbit Suntay, one of our Board of Trustees and my response: to give a library orientation to our Griffins that deals about library issue I deeply care about. The importance of reading. The role of libraries in this day and age. The aspect of community in library development.

Entry 3 - The Theory of Knowledge Tree - how we responded and tried understanding the fruits of the Palawan Cherry tree that grows in the school campus.

Entry 4 - My Life as a Teacher Librarian - reflection on my roles as teacher librarians. I have been a part of the Beacon Academy community since it started out in the Binan campus (2011). Seven years! I was a different person back then and the roles I hold as teacher librarian has changed too.

Entry 5 - Research and High School Students - reflections on the reference work, readers services and on the counter instruction, direct and indirect.

Entry 6 - Student Made Zines in the Library - stretching the boundaries of school collection development, I am also responsible for the documentation and archiving purposes of students' works.

Entry 7 - Defining Research - more reflections on research. It never ends. Reflection. But it is the Action part that really makes reflection a worthy endeavour.

And now I begin another year of reflections on library work, teaching, research, working with teachers and students. Writing about them gives meaning to this little life I lead. I don't know what topics and issues I will be writing about. In cases like this, I trust my gut.

Life is a box of chocolates, said Forest Gump's mom. I will let life surprise me in all its flavours!

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