Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Lighthouse Diary Entry 4: My Life As A Teacher Librarian

At this juncture in the first term of the school year, I find myself a busier bee. On top of managing a staff and the library's programs, I am also a homeroom adviser. I have six students under my care and mentorship. I am learning a lot from them. How? Well, that would be for another post.

For this post, let me share with you my work list.

Working with teachers, I am a:

1. Sounding board for instructional and pedagogical matters;
2. Brainstorming partner on the use of media and technology;
3. Consultant for resources of all kinds, formats and genre;
4. Teaching partner for research skills instruction;
5. Resource person for community based activities concerning literacy development;

Working with students, I am a:

1. Companion in their research journey;
2. Writing coach;
3. Teacher of skills - critical thinking, information and media literacy;
4. Guide in the digital landscape;
5.  Designer of learning environments and spaces.

Teacher Librarians never go out of style!

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