Sunday, October 22, 2017

The 2017 Picture Book Month Is On!

We're at it again! I am reprising my role as web administrator of Picture Book Month this year. I am so happy to share this wonderful calendar to you all!

Each day, a Picture Book Month Champion is listed. Note that the theme for the day is included too. Check out the essay of each champion every day. We have a host of authors, illustrators, teachers and librarians as Champions this year. Having read their essays on the importance of picture books brought me to tears.

It is a time to create more art, more love for our children!

Designed by Elizabeth O. Dulemba

The 2017 Picture Book Month Champions are:

Arthur Levine, Bethany Hegedus, Betsy Bird, Brian Smith, Colby Sharp, David Catrow, Dianne White, Donna Janell Bowman, Edna Cabcabin Moran, Eliana de Las Casas, Elizabeth Dulemba, Emma Otheguy, Eric Ode, Gaia Cornwall, Gina Perry, Greg Pizzoli, Javaka Steptoe, John Couret, Joyce Wan, Julie Segal Walters, Kelly Starling Lyons, Kimberly Willis Holt, Laura J. Rennert, Laura Krauss Melmed, Lori Richmond, Marcie Colleen, Muriel Feldshuh, Peter McCleery, Ruth McNally Barshaw, Ruth Sanderson

What an awesome list of authors, illustrators, and movers & shakers in the kidlit industry!

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