Friday, October 13, 2017

Oh Joy! Feedback From A Reader!

Imagine my surprise to find this message from Elaine Aliga Ricafort. She sent this through Messenger. In a time when social media is tainted with fake news and smeared by propaganda, using it wisely and responsibly can garner good results.

Hi, Zarah! 🙂 Sorry, you do not know me. But you happened to comment after me on Cris Tanjutco's status, and I was wondering why your name was so familiar. Then I realized I just read your book "My Daddy! My One and Only!" with my 6-year-old son yesterday. 🙂 

So I just wanted to tell you that it's a great book. And it perfectly describes my son's relationship with his dad, who is also an architect. 😛 So thank you! And I'll be on the lookout for more of your books. 🙂

My Daddy My One and Only (Gagatiga and Tejido, 2013) is published by Lampara Books.

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