Monday, June 5, 2017

Convo on Makerspace 2 of 3

Here is Part 2 of the Makerspace convo I had with Micaela Ramos of Big Pond Enterprises.

MR:I see Ma'am. Napakaganda po ng efforts po ninyo. I would like to help encourage po sana other libarians to follow your example. Kailan niyo po nalaman yung concept ng "makerspace"?

ZG: Maganda ang layon mo. I am so busy that all I can do is blog about my activities, projects and programs. 2013 ko pa nalaman (ang tungkol sa Makerspace). Actually, ang Makerspace is not a new concept. It is similar to Learning Centers Approach to teaching and learning.

MR: Wow, i-research ko po iyan.

ZG: Knowledge is not contained in one discipline. If we look at a Makerspace as a new innovation, we are constructing our way of knowing and understanding the concept of learning and experiential teaching.

MR: Tama po kayo ma'am. I am trying to understand the concept more.

ZG: You look at the principles and philosophy behind a Makerspace. Then you can be more creative in setting up Makerspaces. The hardcore practitioners of Makerspaces may not approach its planning and implementation the way I do. I am weird hahah. And sometimes, unorthodox 😬😂

MR: You make perfect sense to me ma'am. It means you truly understand the basics.

ZG: Simple lang ang buhay. Besides, it's short too.

MR: I agree po!

ZG: Keep it simple and short! But look at connections and patterns.

MR: Ma'am, thank you for your invaluable insights. If ever po, will you be willing to be interviewed for our company blog or perhaps conduct a seminar? 😀 Continue po ma'am. Im' really interested in your POV.

Part 3 will be about the contextualization of Makerspaces in libraries.


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