Thursday, June 29, 2017

Priming Activity: The Hero and the Trusted Sidekick

Priming Activities help participants prepare themselves for a workshop or a learning encounter. For the facilitator, activities that prime the participants into the workshop help him or her establish a context that would make the experience more meaningful for them. On a personal note, I always put the participants above the topics for discussion. My goal is to meet them where they are at and that is a tall order for myself in a one-day workshop. But that is why I love designing and conducting workshop. I set high expectations upon myself so that I can learn from the experience too.

For the Hero and the Sidekick workshop, here are the priming activities for the participants.

A. Complete the following sentences:

I am attending the workshop because ____________________________________.

I want to know how __________________________________________________.

I want to understand __________________________________________________.

Your answers to Priming Activity A is your entrance pass to the workshop. Write your answers on a small sheet of paper with your name on it. I will collect the sheets of paper with your name and answers on it at the start of the workshop.

B. Read the blog article School Librarian: Every Educators Trusted Sidekick by Dianne McKenzie.

Go to this link: If this doesn't work, copy-paste the title of the article on Google's search box.

Write down what struck you while reading the article. If you have questions about the article, write them down too. Your answers will come in handy during the BUZZ GROUP sessions.

C. What to bring on July 4:

- an open mind and a positive attitude
- a schedule of work flow for the day
- a brief job description of your work as school librarian
- existing program on Media and/or Information Literacy, if your library has one 
- existing library instruction program, if your library has one
- for teachers: a sample lesson plan on any subject
- for school leaders: principals and academic coordinators bring a sample 3-5 year development plan that includes the library's growth and development along side the school's 

For questions, send me an email via If you are done with activity B, you may share it with me by sending your answers using my email address. Have fun everyone! See you on July 4!

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