Saturday, June 10, 2017

Update on Book Project: Bulilit Books 2017

I posted on the blog last April 2017 a slide presentation on a new book project with the Nutrition Center of the Philippines Publishing Corporation (NCPPC). Click the link to recall and view the cover pages again.

The project, dubbed by NCPPC as Project LEARN, is aimed at rewriting and revising the Bulilit Books, a series of books for children and their parents, that were published back in the late 70s and early 80s. There are more than a dozen books in the series that cover themes of good nutrition, Filipino values, arts, culture and history. For this installment, three books from the series were picked for revision, namely: Beybi Bibe; Miyawing Kuting; and Magbilang Tayo. 

Three things make this book project special.

1. The new series include books translated in Cebuano and Hilgaynon by the award winning author, MJ "Xi Zuq" Tumamac.

2. All three books went through a process of research and development, consultations and Focused Group Discussions with readers and the intended audience of the series. That is why, there are activities included in each book for teachers and parents. These activities are applicable to the classroom setting and homeschooling learning experiences.

3. The new series is a collaborative effort by the creative team of writers, illustrator and NCPPC. Working with Darrel Marco on this book project has been a delight as he lent new perspectives to the revision process.  NCPPC has been very supportive of the project too. Respecting our creative and artistic freedom and trusting our working styles for the success of the project. Tinsley Garanchon is the illustrator of this installment of the series.

As lead of the creative team, I have seen the proofs and the dummy books. Beautiful! They are off to the printer now and we hope to see the books launched in July. And personally, I hope the children we wrote it for would love the books as much as we put our love into making it.

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