Saturday, June 10, 2017

Convo on Makerspaces 3 of 3

Here is the last installment of my convo with Micaela Ramos of Big Pond Enterprises on Makerspaces.
MR: Kung may time po ako baka pwede po ako bumisita sa library niyo ma'am 😀 para makita ko yung Makerspace niyo in action 😀 kasi kadalasan po iniisip 3d printers agad or complicated tech pag gagawa ng makerspace sainyo po simple langreplicable, doable 😀 kaya po ako na-attract.

ZG: Sure pero, vacation na namin.

MR: Will you continue it po sa next school year?

ZG: Yes. Mga STEM practitioners kase ang nag start ng makerspace

MR: Totoo po.

ZG: Public Librarians adapted it in their services and programs to help promote STEM and make the library a hub for learning. School librarians adapted it also. Kase, makerspace is perfect instructional tool for K-12 learners.

MR: Bakit po siya naging perfect ma'am dahil po sa skill set na na-dedevelop? Or as a "practice-ground?" for students?

ZG: Yes. As well as independence and ownership of one's learning. It is also a form of play. We learn a lot thru play, especially for students learning STEM concepts.

MR: True po.

ZG: I also believe in contextualization (of learning).

MR: Ano po ang ibig sabihin niyo sa contextualization Ma'am?

ZG: Context ng learner.

MR: I see po.

ZG: Contextualize learning activities and experiences based on learners needs and modalities

MR: Parang ang Makerspace po ang venue para po doon? tama po ba?

ZG: Yes. It's not the Makerspace that's the bida. It's the learner.

MR: Very good point po.

ZG: So the design of the Makerspace must be contextual to the learner's exeperiencesThat's how I see it. That's how I do it.

MR: Nabago po ang understanding ko sa Makerspace thanks to you Ma'am. Very good points po. Siguro po kasi masaydo po akong nakafocus sa Makerspace itself rather than the real purpose of the space. Ma'am thank you very much po for engaging in a conversation with practically a stranger. Salamat po for entertaining my questions and for your invaluable insights. I hope we could collaborate in the future! 😀Now I have another way of looking at Makerspaces.

ZG: Small thing. Welcome!

To follow is a write up on the Makerspaces I set up in our school library.

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