Saturday, June 10, 2017

#KwentoRP612 2017

Erica Gonzales has set up #KwentoRP612 over at Facebook. #KwentoRP612 is the celebration and commemoration of Philippine Independence by Filipino writers and creatives. Last year, it focused on flash fiction but, this year the social media campaign extends its reach and width to other art forms.

Below are the details of this year's #KwentoRP612:

Event: #KwentoRP612 2017

Dates: June 10-12 (Saturday 12am to Monday 12mn), 2017
Content: FB-length and Twitter-length fiction,poetry,art,and komiks (both original and fan-type), as long as they are Filipino in theme

Genre: All are accepted! (literary,romance,speculative in all stripes, parody, comedy,etc etc)
Feel free to post whatever you have here, or to hashtag so we can share it (remember to set the individual post to 'public' so we can all see).

It's that time of year again when we tell the world through good art and literature that (even with everything going on around us that we disagree with), we are proud to be Filipino. Please share the word.

*shares of material made for RP612fic is perfectly okay, btw. This place just helps to be a safe space for all, especially writers.

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