Monday, January 23, 2017

Filipino Librarians in Media (TV, Internet and Films) Part 3 of 3

To contnue, this is part 3 of the Filipino Librarian in Media series. Part 1 is here, where it all began. Part 2 is where I replied to her query on research on the perception of Filipinos on librarians
Portrayals of Librarians in Filipino TV and Media 

The stereotype of how boring librarians are prevents representation, good or not, in TV and Media. I mean, who would be interested to know the life of a librarian? 
But, we do lead interesting lives! 
Prof. Igor Cabbab is a revered yoyo master. Mary Ann Jimenez-Salvador, married to the musician and avantgarde artist Lirio Salvador, is an art museum owner in Cavite. Melchor Cichon is a librarian and poet who writes in his mother tongue. But no one looks at them closely. Maybe, because, librarians, especially the work we do is concerned with culture, art, setting up knowledge systems and tech infrastructures, and community development. Who would be interested to put all those things on mainstream TV? 

In this day and age of ALDUB; where a politician gets votes, and wins (!) because of a long time running afternoon TV; and formulaic telenovelas, who would chose to watch a show for geeks and nerds? I find myself stereotyping others. But, aren't librarians part of this community of geeks and nerds? 

Thinking, creativity, critical thinking. Nobody wants them on national mainstream TV.

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