Sunday, January 22, 2017

Filipino Librarians in Media (TV, Internet and Films) Part 2 of 3

My answer to Ms. Joscon Singh's inquiry on the perception of Filipinos on Filipino Librarians:

On the librarian stereotype and the perceptions of Filipinos about them

I do not know of any survey or research about how Filipinos see librarians. But, there have been movies in the past that type cast librarians as the boring, conservative and old fashioned "manangs" in the academe. Two movies come to mind. In My Life (Star Cinema, Floy Quintos) where Vilma Santos portrays the masungit and boring librarian. I think I wrote a review of the movie in my blog. Let me go back to it and I will send you the link. Are you still interested? The other movie is Radio Romance (Star Movies, circa 90s) where Jelli de Belen played a bespectacled librarian in search of love. Yes, she found it in the arms of Paolo Abrera.

Sadly, I do not follow local TV so I have nothing to tell you about this. There are Filipino Librarians who've appeared on TV as themselves. Dr. Von Totanes who is in Japan right now for a research grant, a librarian from UST who joined a game show (Von would know as he wrote about her in his blog The Filipino Librarian), Hon. Lourdes David of the Board for Librarians, former PLAI Presidnet Elvira Lapus and yours truly. 
Von joined a game show back in 2009, Game Ka Na Ba as hosted by Kris Aquino. He blogged about this too. Mrs. David, Ms. Lapus and myself have been interviewed on UNTV about our work and the National Book and Library Services Month (Ms. Lapus). UNTV has a YouTube Channel, which you can view. 
I have posted in my blog my interview in UNTV. Other than being a librarian, I talked about my books and the advocacy I pursue in that segment. I also appear regularly as a panelist of Ang Pinaka, a pop culture show over at GMA News. Last year, I have done two episodes: one is about the Top 10 Words of 2016 and one about Pinoy Words that Made it to the Oxford Dictionary. Like UNTV, they have a YouTube channel and a page on Facebook.

I don't know if this information is helpful to your research, but this is first hand, personal information. I think it still needs verification. As for impact or effect, I do not know how to measure our TV appearances or media exposure. I do get followers in my social media accounts and somehow, they keep me inspired to continue blogging, writing and being seen on social media. The responsibility to put a good face, one that is credible and integral to the status and growth of Filipino librarians today rests heavily on my shoulders.

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