Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear School Librarian in Action: Library Activities for Chidlren and Writing Community in Iloilo

Early of December last year, a friend referred me to Hazel Hagerty, a library volunteer in a private school in Iloilo. She is from the United Kingdom and will be in the Philippines for a while to help run a school library for grade school children. I received the following questions from her: 
As you are librarian, could I please ask for your advice... as to what I can do here in this children's library? I really want to plan an author visit too, do you know of any authors that are based in Iloilo or somewhere nearby? 

I sent Hazel my answers:

Here are the writers whom you can get in touch with for author visits and literacy events in your school:

I have rounded up friends from the local book industry and they have given me leads and names. Apparently, there is a book launching of Aklanon children's books on Dec 10, a children's book summit in Iloilo in February, and a growing number of children's book writers in the province. In fact, they have groups and a publishing house already.
Check these links:
Here are names of Ilonggo authors based in Iloilo, Aklan and neighboring areas:

Noel G. De Leon 
Melchor Cichon
Christian George Acevedo
Antonniette Cortez

Now, about the library activities for your children, here is a link to my blog where you will find reading and book activities appropriate for them and the community too.

On Books and Reading

Book Making and Information Literacy Lessons

Book Spine Poetry

I have not heard from Hazel since last week, but here's hoping she's doing well in her bookish and reading endeavors

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