Saturday, June 11, 2016

Book Review: Rebel of the Sands

Rebel of the Sands
Alwyn Hamilton
Viking, 2016

I enjoyed reading this book because, to me, it is a love story. Love. Love. Love! Oh, there is so much love in this book by Alwyn Hamilton that I am rereading it this summer.

What worked 
The lead characters are adorable. Jin and Amani are worth rooting for. There is tension between the two which was established at the very start of the novel. For me, at least, this is a motivating factor to move faster through the pages. As Amani's attraction to Jin slowly unfolds, she remains clueless of her true identity. This is something that Jin knows all along and to the perceptive reader, Jin has some surprises tucked into his sleeves that Amani is not aware of. She can only guess. 

Jin's secret is revealed in the middle part of the book. And what perfect timing. As Amani's belief in the stories surrounding the mysteries of the desert materialize, so is her realization of the truth behind the identity of Jin and the Rebel Prince. I like this unfolding of events and the revelation of the key characters in the story. It engages me. I have many AHA and I knew it moments while reading the book. The last time I was engaged in a book was when I was reading the HP series.

The book also presents a bigger view of Amani and Jin's world. There is political intrigue, international relations and the unending quest for power. In this backdrop, Amani struggles to find herself while Jin has his own agenda. Jin maybe fighting alongside his brother, but he dreams of freedom; of being in a palace where he can truly be himself; where he is not beholden to anyone else; where he could be the master of his fate. Sexy. Yes! 

But this is a dream yet to come. Or not. My guess is, since Amani has only discovered her true power at the end of the book, Jin has to make a decision somewhere in book 2. Fight or Flight? Can he do both? Will Amani continue to become her own hero despite her growing feelings for Jin? Will the Rebel Prince prevail? Is there a traitor waiting in the wings?

These are my questions. I am counting the months till book 2 comes out.

What did not work 
Very few djinns. Their spawns are everywhere, but these creatures of fire and air are amiss in book 1. Just a little thing, I know. But I love djinns.

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