Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 1 #KwentoRP612: The Little Sparrow

I am participating in #KwentoRP612 where writers celebrate Philippine Independence Day 2016 by writing flash fiction. I admit, this is my first. I am excited despite my virginity on the literary category (or is it a genre? Correct me if I am wrong).  
It is also Father's Day this weekend, so I am integrating themes on fatherhood, fathers and everything about relationships with fathers. 
Enjoy! Happy Independence Day! Happy Father's Day!

He found another sparrow. It fell from the eaves where its family built a nest. The little sparrow's wings were wet and broken. It was shaking. It was afraid. He could feel its heart beating fast. 

"Can we keep it as our pet?" the little girl asked.

"No." He replied. "But we can keep it dry for now then we'll return the bird to its nest."

He told the little girl to get an empty shoe box and an old shirt. When it was ready, he placed the sparrow inside the box and kept it open. He turned on the night lamp and placed the shoe box under it. The sparrow didn't even attempt to fly.

The little girl watched over the sparrow and sang songs. Late that afternoon, as the sun was about to set, he returned the bird to the nest in the eaves. The little girl watched as he did so.

"Is the sparrow going to be alright, Papa?"

"It will be."

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