Friday, June 3, 2016

A Thesaurus on Philippine Children's Literature

Ms. Tericel Tamayao sent me three questions to answer regarding the creation of a thesaurus of Philippine Children's Literature. This is for her thesis as she is completing her graduate degree in Library and Information Science at the School of Library and Information Science, Univeristy of the Philippines Diliman.

Here are my answers: 

With your utmost knowledge about the children’s literature in the Philippines, what do you think are the categories / areas needed to be included in the thesaurus? Please give at least 5.

Self, Family, School, Community, Culture 

Please give at least 10 popular terms about children’s literature in the Philippines.

To answer this item, I sent her links to previous and archived blog posts. These blog posts were made to meet a course requirement in an LIS graduate course I took all those years ago. The subject is Information Analysis. I took it under Prof. Rosalie Faderon.

How is it important to have a thesaurus on Children’s Literature in the Philippines?

Words define us. It gives us identity. A thesaurus on PH Kids Lit will help define it and lead to a purposeful use of the literature at home, in school and in the academic study of children’s lit in general. A thesaurus will also aid librarians in library work, especially in selecting titles and cataloging them in a more appropriate manner. Writers, illustrators and publishers will appreciate a thesaurus of PH Kids Lit since they can use this as  a guide in creating books for children. 

We do not have one yet. So this would be  a good initiative. 

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