Sunday, June 5, 2016

Author of the Month: John Couret

The blog's author of the month is Mr. John Couret.

He is the CEO of Write Hook Media. He is an author, a motivational speaker, “The Success Coach of Champions,” an actor, an entrepreneur, and the radio show host of “Breaking Barriers” on community radio station WHIV 102.3FM in New Orleans. He has acted in feature films as well as on television. His new personal growth book, Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion releases in Summer 2016.

His followers look forward to his daily quotes, which are posted to his social media platforms. His weekly motivational blog posts every Monday and he hosts a weekly video series on YouTube called “Championship Minute,” which features a 60 second motivational message every Wednesday.

Here is an interview I had with John where he speaks about his writing journey and the motivation that pushed him to break barriers.

a. This is your first book. Congratulations! What has been the most meaningful experience you had while working on the book?

As chronicled in my book, I am legally blind. My sweetheart and business partner, Dianne de Las Casas, was instrumental in helping me articulate my story. She would type my words as I dictated them. The entire process, from start to finish, took about two months. The most meaningful part about the process was discovering that my story had merit and could inspire people. I took what could have been the worst event in my life (losing my sight) and turned it into a positive experience. I hope that my stories encourage others to keep moving forward and know that it always gets better. Never throw in the towel!

b. As a radio show host, your reach is wide enough to communicate your message in inspiring people and helping others. What do you wish to accomplish with the publication of the book?

A book is a legacy and I wanted to leave a legacy for my family. People respect the written word and tend to treat books with reverence. I also want to change the world and help people break through their barriers. It's important for all of us to "become our own heroes," to quote you so eloquently.

c. In Chapter 8 of the book, there was a line that says, ...something deep inside told me to get going... What was that SOMETHING?

I prayed to God for an answer and I received a message. The message was, "Don't give up. This is not a terrible ending. It's a beautiful beginning." I would encourage people who are going through a tough time in their lives to remember that "this too shall pass." The night is always darkest before the dawn but then the light comes...

d. What is your birthday wish?

I would love to see people all over the world using my book as a healing tool for overcoming the obstacles in their own lives. I want to see people breaking barriers worldwide!

Today is John's birthday and he will celebrate it with the launch of his first book. The book launch, dubbed as Breaking Barriers Book Birthday Bash, is scheduled today at 1-4PM (USA, EST) at Tubby and Coo's Bookshop,  631 N Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA. 

Dianne de Las Casas, Vice President and Editor in Chief of Write Hook Media will be at the launch to support John on his first venture into book publishing. Kid Chef Eliana is catering a sumptuous menu for guests, visitors, friends and family. If you are from New Orleans, join John in his birthday book bash, buy the book and help others too. 10% of the net proceeds will go to the Giving Hope Foundation.

For fans of Dianne and John from all over the world, there might be a live feed of the birthday book bash on Facebook!

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