Friday, January 6, 2012

The Power of the Printed Word

Read the Printed Word! This is my pledge.

I have nothing against e-books and digital formats of information. I love them as much.

But the printed word is a culture that must be preserved. Printed matter, especially books, are products of human ingenuity and has great contributions to humanity's intellectual evolution. It is through books that man affirms himself as a social being, one whose personal experience touches others, thus elevating singularity to the common and on to the universal level. Books are an art form in itself. I respect this tradition. I respect this art.

I pledge to read the printed word.

As a librarian, reading printed materials, keeping a collection of such in the library, managing and sustaining them, providing accessibility for its use, educating and training kids and teens in reading the printed format is one of my many roles.

What about you? In this age of digital conflagration, what do you pledge to do?

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