Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Challenge of the Year: Break the Stereotype Response #2

From Anne Rosette Crelencia, Section Head of the Filipiniana Section, the National Library of the Philippines, lends her ideas on librarian stereotyping.

a. How do I feel about librarian stereotyping?

Not so bad because the idea offers a challenge to every librarian to prove
what librarianship really is.

b. Does this exist in my work place? If yes, in what forms? If no, why?

Yes. Several researchers were vocal in saying they met a "masungit na
librarian" during their visits to the library, but maybe it's better to
ask the researchers themselves.

c. Why do librarian stereotype exist?

It exist because *they* exist.

d. How can librarians break stereotypes?

Young and modern librarians should surfaced and lead the profession. Media should help promote the positive image and role of librarians in the community by featuring librarians in films, print ads, tv shows and commercials in a different and modern perspective.

1 comment:

yumi said...

You're the first librarian I have met who broke the stereotype of the masungit librarians. hehe

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