Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book Review: The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top Ten

Yes, I admit. I am a Rusher.

I started listening to The Morning Rush with Chico and Delle in 1997 and stopped tuning in the show in 2004 because of, work. At that time, live streaming was unheard of and listening to FM radio via mobile was but a dream. Podcasts were still an idea being fermented by the techies and I have not discovered the Steve Job's wonder gadget yet.

Fast forward to 2010. Technology is making things possible. Like a long lost lover, I found my way back to RX 93.1 every Monday to Friday from 6AM to 10AM. And though I only get to listen to the show's first two hours, there's the podcasts of the show that can be downloaded. Thank you, Blue Ritz!

Some things have changed in the show, of course. For one, Chico and Delle have grown as radio hosts and as persons all their own. And it's not a bad thing because their conversations on air are more substantial now. In their early years together, they fight on air all the time and listeners loved it. I love it! For some strange reason, the differences in their opinions and personalities make for good chemistry. They have deepened in friendship as well. I gave up a long time ago on the idea that Chico and Delle would end up as lovers. No. They are better off as friends and this comforts me. It is one of the many signs that tells me that harmony can exist in this chaotic world.

I'm glad that the duo has kept their advice column in Manila Bulletin after all these years. And I am super glad that on their fifteen years together, they came out with a book, The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top Ten.

What worked

The book carries their name. They didn't end up as a couple, but they are proud parents of a book which is all about the fans - the Rushers. So, in part, the Rushers are the co-authors of this masterpiece that took fifteen years to actualize and realize. The Top Ten is the The Morning Rush's strength and Chico and Delle knew how to maintain and sustain it - by focusing on their listeners and not themselves. Both share slivers of their personal lives as a response to the listeners' entries, (though sharp listeners would be able to uncover the many interesting layers that both, Chico and Delle try to keep with in the boundaries), and the effect is a communal discourse on the mundane and the profound.

Non-rushers can enjoy the book as well because it's downright funny, touching, scary, current and relevant. There are plenty of green jokes and anecdotes likewise, the truths and realities on relationships, on life and love.

What did not work

There are typos. Here's hoping that Summit Media made corrections as another ten thousand more copies will soon be out in bookstores.

Congratulations to Chico and Delle, to the Rushers and RX 93.1. I am waiting for the next installment. Book 2 in the making?

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Kristina Noelle Andaya said...

Wow! I can't wait to read the book too. :) YEy!

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