Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Librarian: Reply on School Library Instruction Program

This is my initial reply to Angelic and I wish I could say more.


Consult your Reading or Language Arts coordinator on skills that need strengthening or focus. It will also help you if you ask for the subject matter guide or the curriculum, if the coordinator is open enough. From there, you can identify topics for your lib instruction program. It should be clear to you, at this point, the role the library plays in students' learning of skills and your part as librarian in the teaching of it. If not, sort this out first.

Here is an example, if the Reading/Lang Arts subject in Prep puts importance in language learning and acquisition, then, come up with literacy activities that will foster speaking and listening skills as foundation, and reading and writing skills as application. It can also be viewed the other way around. The approach is to take these four skills as integral to each and essential to the young learner as language and thought develop. This would mean more storytelling sessions, film viewings, talks by authors, illustrators, activities where Prep boys can listen and interact with others. The boys' output may be stories they wrote themselves, or art projects where they can write and speak of the process they went through. Or books they made themselves about everyday experiences. As the learner move from one grade level to the next, coverage in the curriculum changes as well. By grade 1 or 2, they begin reading - decoding and comprehending. So, topics that introduce the book culture may be included in the library instruction program. This is where parts of the book, using the table of contents and the like come into play [:-)]

Remember that balance is an important aspect of the lib instruction program. While you teach skills, you need to fill the need to READ for fun. Check your collection for recommended read applicable for K-2 grades. To do this, you need to know the reading levels and interests of your boys vis-a-vis, your collection. And in this day and age, collection pertains to print, digital and other multimedia formats.

Good luck and do tell me what happens. Thank you for always seeking my advice on school library matters.

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