Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Librarian: School Library Instruction Program

Here's another email seeking for ideas on setting up a library instruction program -

Dear Ms. Zarah,

Good day! I am currently updating our Library Instruction Program. I would like to ask you of some recommendations. What topics should we include for Prep, Grade 1 and grade 2? We are exclusive for boys and I know you have great experience in teaching.

The email came from Ms. Angelic Abayan Bautista, school librarian of Marist School, Marikina.


Miss Chey said...

Hello Miss Zarah,

Good day! I would like to seek help from you if u can suggest any related literature and studies on problems in library use or why students are afraid to use the library.? My study is all about the development of e-learning instructional material,i still lack these national references ..
thank you very much

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

Hi Miss Chey! Can you give me a day or two to get back to your query? Swamped with work and papers to write :-) but, will help you source out.

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