Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenge of the Year: Break the Stereotype Response #1

Peachy Limpin, Pinoy licensed librarian working in Melbourne, Australia shares her thoughts on librarian stereotyping. She recommends a link to her blog on an encounter she had with an Aussie youngster asking about her work. What a funny little anecdote!

a. How do I feel about librarian stereotyping?


b. Does this exist in my work place? If yes, in what forms? If no, why?

Not in my workplace, but in the larger community and among friends and acquaintances. The usual questions, what I do besides stand behind the counter and lend /discharge books, madali lang ang trabaho, etc.

c. Why do librarian stereotype exist?

Probably from the depictions of librarians in movies and media

d. How can librarians break stereotypes?

Advocacy and being seen and heard.

1 comment:

Peachy said...

Didn't make a list of the comments I get from fellow Pinoys coz if I did I could probably fill an entire chapter! But what irritates me is when they say my job isn't stressful! Yeah right. They wouldn't last one day if we were to trade places and I'm willing to bet my job on it ;)

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