Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Challenge of the Year: Break the Stereotype (1 of 2)

I discovered this cute figurine of a nut personifying a librarian. Inscribed below are qualities describing a librarian: Proud to be a public serving, friendly, book stamping, well read, softly spoken LIBRARIAN.

If I had it my way, I would change book stamping to book loving.

Nothing wrong with stamping books, and I would do circulation work when the staff is out or on leave. But it's a stereotype that persists. The danger is that, stereotyping results to the delimitation of one's potentials.

It is the start of another year. While we're at it, it is but timely to reflect on the work we do in the library and the community we serve. Instead of resolutions, I'm posting, and posing, a challenge to break stereotypes. Some questions to consider:

a. How do I feel about librarian stereotyping?
b. Does this exist in my work place? If yes, in what forms? If no, why?
c. Why do librarian stereotypes exist?
d. How can librarians break stereotypes?

Answers to this questions next week!

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