Sunday, December 31, 2017

Monthly First Post of 2017

Keeping up with a blogging tradition, here is the list of the first monthly blog posts of 2017.

January: #KwentoRP612: Faith. Love. Hope
I joined an online fast fiction writing event over the holidays in 2016. One entry spilled over in January 2017.

February: My 2016 In Retrospect: My Life as a Storyteller (So far)
My looking-back-posts in the blog that I started in January 2017 went on until February 2017. This post is about my inclusion as one of the five storytellers in Museo Pambata's Paglaki Ko exhibit room.

March: I Love Libraries: The Quezon City Public Library
Because I love libraries and I support them heart and soul!

April: Crafting a Good Information Literacy Manual
One of the many promo materials on the workshops I conducted in 2017.

May: 2017 Book Spine Poetry Finalists
Poetry is food for the soul.

June: Convo on Makerspaces
When I set up a Makerspace in our library last academic year and blogged about it, I got a Q&A op from a blog reader.

July: National Children's Book Day 2017
Need I say more?

August: NCBD 2017 Aftershocks: The 1st PBBY Storytelling Festival
Hurrah for librarians, teachers and literacy advocates who were involved in the 1st PBBY Storytelling Festival! We pulled it through and with much success!

September: Book Review: See You In the Cosmos
Read my review of See You In the Cosmos one more time. Jack Cheng's main character is a Fil-Am kid on a road trip. An endearing story of family, identity and friendship.

October: The Lighthouse Diary Entry 4: My Life as a Teacher Librarian
Inspired by a talk from one of our professional development activities in school, the Lighthouse Diary Entry was born. Here is entry number 4 where I reflect on the many roles of a teacher librarian.

November: November is Literacy Month
Curated posters and events for Literacy Month 2017

December: IB Online Workshop: Reflections on the Extended Essay
I finished an online workshop this December on the Extended Essay. I posted my reflections on the blog. Here is the first of four posts.

And that's it, pancit!

2017 is a challenging year for Filipino bloggers given the anonymity or popularity of Mocha Uson but that doesn't mean Filipino bloggers and blogging must cease. So here's to carrying on to more blogging days in 2018! Rage against the dying of the light!

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