Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My 2016 In Retrospect: My Life as A Storyteller

One of the amazing things that happened to me last year was the recognition and appreciation I received from peers in the culture and the arts. Museo Pambata included my work and the advocacy I do on literacy development and reading in the Paglaki Ko Room: Gusto Ko Maging Kuwentista. I owe it to Museo Pambata since they gave me the opportunity to be a storyteller. I started out as a volunteer storyteller in their afternoon storytelling sessions back in the 90s. Padayon!

Here is a bit of history about the building of the Paglaki Ko Room told in blog links:

Letter of Invitation: Paglaki ko, gusto ko maging kuwentista - It was in August 2015 when I got the letter from Museo Pambata. Of course, I was shocked first. Then, elated. The reality that I am old hit me last.

The Ang Paglaki Ko Room in Museo Pambata - The Kuwentista Room is part of the Ang Paglaki Ko Exhibit that showcases the writing, illustrating and telling of stories to children and the young at heart. Visit the room in Museo Pambata! It is an interactive room where kids can actually write, draw, listen and view recorded videos of storytellers. It is so cool!

Kuwentista Room Launching Day - Here's how we celebrated the launching of the Kuwentista Room. All storytellers featured in the exhibit told stories, live!

There was a time when I thought of giving up on telling stories. But, Philip Pullman reminded me that stories and storytelling are the things we need most in the world.

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