Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The School Library as a Makerspace

The idea of setting up a Makerspace in our library has nagged me since I first encountered the term several years ago. It is easy to set up, that's for sure. But, will it work? Will teachers and students make use of a Makerspace in the library as far as our school library concerned. In terms of principle and context, a Makerspace is not a mushroom that simply grows and the librarian would expect that, "if it is built, they will come".

I want the library Makerspace to target a skill, be it a study/research skill or a life skill, it should be an activity center or a DIY center that would expand students' skills set in research or in problem solving. A library Makerspace, I think, needs to custom made for students to critically think about concepts and issues they are investigating in classes. A library Makerspace, for me, should enrich students' creativity in the sciences and the arts. If these are my thoughts on coming up with a library Makerspace, then, thorough planning and collaboration with teachers must be first established.

That is the first challenge.

A challenge I hope to face and find a solution to bridge and meet one of these days.

Undeterred, I continue on with a few modifications.

For one, the Book Spine Poetry events I have begun in the library falls into a Makerspace category. Sort of. Students make something out of book spines, right? DIY poetry!

The most recent activity I set up that has a touch of a Makerspace in the library is the Destressing Table. During the first semester, when everyone was stressed because of exam week, I put up paper, clay, coloring sheets and other art materials for everyone to use at will. There were books on clay art, coloring books, origami and other craft related books along the art supplies.

The students loved it. And so did some of the faculty.

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