Sunday, February 26, 2017

I Love Bookmarks

February 25 is World Bookmark Day. I posted in my IG account a photo of bookmarks I use on my books at work. This fascination for bookmarks go farther back in high school. I had a mug or two filled with bookmarks I bought from bookstores. I used to make bookmarks and sell them for a very affordable price to my classmates.

Over the years, I would buy a bookmark or two and use them whenever I read. Somehow, the book became the home of the bookmark. It was only recently when my love for bookmarks resurfaced. I think I was looking for a new hobby to do that making bookmarks came to mind.

Here is my blog post on a felt bookmark I made. Another post on pompom bookmarks made of yarn. My writer friend, Bebang Siy got married three years ago and she and Poy, her fiance back then, designed their own bookmarks as a giveaway and invitation to wedding guests. Friends who know my fascination for bookmarks would give them to me as gifts or pasalubongs, especially those who traveled abroad and came back home.

I have received bookmarks from Spain, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, Hawaii, London and New Zealand. Below is a photo of selected bookmarks that make up my collection.

For this week, I will be posting in the blog, my favorite bookmarks and the back story of each. Some bookmarks are still in the books I read. Others are in books that I have not finished reading yet. Many I keep in a container. I still have to find a way to care display and preserve these bookmarks. In the age of e-books and e-readers, the printed bookmarks are fast becoming novelty items with an artistic value of its own.

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