Saturday, December 30, 2017

November In Review: Art, Books and Music (3 of 3)

At the tail end of National Book Week, I visited the De La Salle Science and Technology Center (DLS - STC) Grade School Library for a Zine Making activity with a group of middle grades and junior high school students. This literacy and literary engagement was made possible through the effort of Ms. Candy May Schijf, library coordinator.

It was their first time to hear about Zines, let alone make one. That is why, I took simple steps and basic concepts in introducing this literary genre and format to them. Making the Zines along side these young readers and writers was a learning experience for me too. At the end of the session, there were two students who finished making a zine.

A high school student made this zine!

It was my hope that they continue making their own Zines. If not, creating their stories and producing their own works of art in whatever medium is the long term goal. Inspiring kids to read and write is the beginning of language and literary development. Engaging them to write and create their own stories in a medium of their choice is empowering. Apart from the classroom, it is the library where literacy development and empowerment through language use happen. Teachers teach these skills, yes, and students get assessed and evaluated on learning gained.

But, when librarians involve themselves in the process of creation, where individual differences are respected as well as varying learning modalities, then the librarian facilitates learning! Kudos to Ms. Schijf for making the classroom-library connection happen.

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